Mezzeh Military Airport

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Mezzeh Military Airport
Roundel of the Syrian Air Force.svg
Battle of Damascus map.svg
Location of Mezzeh Military Airport in Damascus, in brown at the bottom left
Airport type Military
Owner Syrian Armed Forces
Operator Syrian Air Force
Location Mezzeh, Damascus
In use Unknown-present
Elevation AMSL 2,407 ft / 734 m
Coordinates 33°28′40″N 36°13′24″E / 33.47778°N 36.22333°E / 33.47778; 36.22333Coordinates: 33°28′40″N 36°13′24″E / 33.47778°N 36.22333°E / 33.47778; 36.22333
Mezzeh Military Airport is located in Syria
Mezzeh Military Airport
Mezzeh Military Airport
Location in Syria
Direction Length Surface
ft m
1 8,258 2,517

Mezzeh Military Airport (also spelled Mazzeh) is a Syrian Air Force military air base located in Mezzeh, Damascus, Syria, south-west of the old centre of Damascus. It has one runway of 8258ft length, at elevation 2407ft.[1] In mid-2013 the airport was described by the BBC as "an important strategic installation [which] plays a significant role in distributing the government's military supplies."[2] Reuters reported in mid-2013 that it was "used by Syria's elite Republican Guards, Special Forces and Air Force Intelligence, [and] also serves as a private airport for the Assad family."[3] It also said that during the Syrian civil war the base was "used to fire rockets and artillery at rebellious Sunni Muslim neighbourhoods on the edge of the capital."[3]


During World War II Mazzeh airport was a military base for the Vichy French airforce, which also permitted Germany to use its bases. On 19 May 1941 British aircraft attacked the airport, destroying some modern Potez 63 aircraft as well some older Potez 25 biplanes.[citation needed] After Syrian independence in 1946, Mazzeh became a base for the Syrian Air Force. "By the end of 1957 the SAF had two operational MiG-17 squadrons defending the capital from their base at al-Mezze near Damascus."[4]

The airport was subject to an attack that was blamed on Israel by Syrian authorities on January 13, 2017.[5]

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