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Mezzerschmitt is a Norwegian black metal band, a spinoff of Mayhem. It was formed in 2000 by Mayhem members Jan Axel Blomberg (Hellhammer) and Rune Eriksen (Blasphemer), collaborating with Lars Sørensen from Red Harvest. They intended to create an industrial metal band, but their sound soon shifted towards black metal while still incorporating industrial elements. Mezzerschmitt have released only one EP so far, Weltherrschaft.

The band was incorrectly associated with supporting Nazism due to the band's image resembling with Nazi Germany's uniforms, symbol use, etc., as well as having German language pseudonyms and song titles. Eriksen stated that Weltherrschaft is an imaginary place created in his mind. The purpose of the band would be to let out steam, while being non-political.

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