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Mezzo Mix

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Mezzo Mix
Mezzo Mix Zero and Mezzo Mix
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin Germany
Websitewww.mezzomix.de Edit this on Wikidata
A 500 ml Mezzo Mix bottle

Mezzo Mix (stylised mezzo mix) is a product of The Coca-Cola Company, first introduced in West Germany in 1973. It is a mixture of orange soda and cola, a beverage popular in German-speaking countries, commonly known there as spezi, the generic trademark of the first brand of that type of soda.[1]


Mezzo Mix is sold and produced officially only in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but there have been cases that the beverage is visible in Belgium as well. The brand's slogan translates into English as "Cola Kisses Orange". In Spain it is called Fanta Mezzo Mix Naranja & Cola. In Sweden it is called Fanta Mezzo[2] and was released in late January 2017 as a limited edition, connected to the music event called Melodifestivalen (Swedish qualifications to Eurovision Song Contest).

Mezzo Mix was previously one of eight international soda flavours featured and available for tasting at Club Cool in Epcot.

Mezzo Mix was later introduced in the United Kingdom in 2019, as a selection for the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.


There were two kinds of Mezzo Mix in the 1990s: orange and lemon. The latter was unpopular and was discontinued, but a lemon flavoured Coke entered the market again in 2003. In July 2007, Mezzo Mix Zero was introduced in Germany as a low-calorie variant. Early 2013 around Valentine's Day, Mezzo Mix Berry Love was introduced in Germany. Instead of an orange-like flavour, it is a raspberry flavour mixed with cola. It was a limited edition, being available only in February.


Mezzo Mix contains water, sugar, orange juice, carbonation, caramel coloring for color, citric acid, flavoring, caffeine, ascorbic acid, and stabilizer.


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