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Commune and town
Country Tunisia
GovernorateSidi Bouzid Governorate
 • MayorFethi Ben Amor (Independent)
 • Total7,390
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Mezzouna (Arabic: المزونة) is a town and commune in the Sidi Bou Zid Governorate, Tunisia. As of 2004 it had a population of 6,101.[1]

Mezzouna is located at the eastern end of the mountainous mountain range Gafsa, at the foot of the Jebel Neguelet culminating at 411 meters.

Attached to the governorate of Sidi Bouzid, it constitutes a municipality with 7,390 inhabitants in 2014, it is also the capital of a delegation of 33,979 inhabitants.

It is in a crossroads position between the Sfax-Gafsa axis (RN14 road) and the axis that connects Sidi Bouzid, capital of the governorate, and Skhira on the Gulf of Gabes (forty kilometers to the southeast).

Located on the final stretch of the pipeline carrying oil from Algeria to the oil port of Skhira, it owned the largest plastics plant, the Mezzouna Plastic Complex.

The Bouhedma National Park is located about twenty kilometers southwest in the Jebel Bouhedma

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Coordinates: 34°35′N 9°50′E / 34.583°N 9.833°E / 34.583; 9.833