Miért kell, hogy elmenj?

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Hungary "Miért kell, hogy elmenj?"
Eurovision Song Contest 1997 entry
Viktor Rakonczai
Krisztina Bokor Fekete
Péter Wolf
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Új név a régi ház falán" (1995)   
"A holnap már nem lesz szomorú" (1998) ►

Miért kell, hogy elmenj? (English translation: "Why Do You Have To Go?") was the Hungarian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1997, performed in Hungarian by V.I.P..

The song was performed nineteenth on the night (following Malta's Debbie Scerri with Let Me Fly and preceding Russia's Alla Pugacheva with Primadonna). At the close of voting, it had received 39 points, placing 12th in a field of 25.

The song is a ballad, performed in the style of boy bands of the time with the band asking a woman why she needs to leave a relationship. The promise is made that if she stays, it will be different.

It was succeeded as the Hungarian representative at the 1998 Contest by Charlie with "A holnap már nem lesz szomorú" ("Sadness will be over tomorrow").