Międzyzdroje Pier

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Międzyzdroje Pier
Międzyzdroje Pier.JPG
Międzyzdroje Pier panorama
Official nameMolo w Międzyzdrojach
TypeRecreational pier
Total length395 metres (1,296 ft)
Opening date1996 (1895)
Coordinates54°07′N 15°21′E / 54.11°N 15.35°E / 54.11; 15.35Coordinates: 54°07′N 15°21′E / 54.11°N 15.35°E / 54.11; 15.35

Międzyzdroje Pier (Polish: Molo w Międzyzdrojach) is a pier 395 metres long, stretching out into the Baltic Sea from the beach in Międzyzdroje (German: Misdroy), West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland.[1] The pier also functions as a harbour.[2]


The pier is made of reinforced concrete, on the Island of Wolin, Poland. The structure extends into the Bay of Pomerania, in the north-west direction from the beach in Międzyzdroje. The pier is located close by to the amphitheatre in the central part of Międzyzdroje Beach. The entrance onto the pier is marked by two white towers.[3]


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