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Mi-Case is a suite of web-based case management and operations management software provided by CASMACO Ltd. (trading as Mi-Case). Mi-Case is used in public and commercial sector organisations including criminal justice and behavioural health agencies to underpin a multi-agency/institutional approach to offender management, correctional services, drug and alcohol abuse, policing, probation, healthcare and the court system. The Mi-Case Upstream range is used by the upstream oil and gas industry to support incident management as well as risk and root cause analysis in production.


Mi-Case was launched in early 2006 by an international consulting and software firm, Mi-Services, headquartered in UK and US. Mi-Case was born out of the work done with UK Drug Intervention Programmes (DIPs), Drug Action Teams[1] and treatment providers to assist them and other types of agencies and initiatives in their operations: to increase case management, demonstrate performance and enable best practice when sharing (offender/patient) data. The company was acquired later in the same year by a larger global consulting and systems integration company, Business & Decision. Since March 2012 it has operated as Casmaco Ltd., which is a majority owned subsidiary of Business & Decision Group, serving the USA, UK and continental European markets.[citation needed]


Mi-Case is a suite of web-based case management and operations management including: Mi-Case Criminal Justice, Mi-Case Behavioural Healthcare and Mi-Case Oil and Gas range of solutions. The Mi-Case Criminal Justice and Behavioural Health have been designed to enable clients to be tracked through their cycle of interventions and maintain a continuity of treatment and/or attention.[citation needed]

Mi-Case is developed for:

  • Groups of organisations sharing information on a common client or supporting a common initiative
  • Single organisations needing to case manage a person as they progress (or regress) through a process

Mi-Case can track and record key client information in relation to:

  • Objectives, actions and outcomes of client meetings
  • Treatment modalities
  • Court appearances
  • Arrests and prison sentences
  • Identification of risks and issues
  • Drug usage, prescriptions
  • Other social care interventions

Oil and Gas[edit]

The Mi-Case approach to web based data sharing has also been applied to the commercial sector and is used by upstream oil and gas organisations to manage off shore / on shore data sharing on production equipment and shift management.[citation needed]


Mi-Case was originally developed using Active Server Pages but was later upgraded to Microsoft .NET. It sits on an Oracle database and has been upgraded to later versions of the database broadly as they have become available or widely used. Mi-Case uses 128 bit encryption of data being transmitted across the internet as part of its data security approach.


United Kingdom[edit]

Mi-Case is used by 30 customers in the UK, most of which are directly linked to the UK Home Office directives and UK National Health Service (NHS) initiatives.[citation needed]

United States[edit]

State of Maryland
In February 2009 Business & Decision was awarded a $12.5m contract by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) to implement Mi-Case to replace numerous information silos and legacy applications managing ‘offender case management’.[2] The first three phases of this project went live in 2011. By fall 2012 Mi-Case is scheduled to provide all DPSCS agencies with accurate and timely access to integrated data captured throughout the lifecycle of an offender from arrest, booking, pre-trial, incarceration, and through supervision in the community. The solution also allows for information sharing with local law enforcement and other criminal justice partners. Mi-Case is used by all of DPSCS' divisions to manage the interaction with offenders in accordance with the State’s requirements of best practice and to obtain management information and reports.[citation needed]


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