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Developer(s)Christian Schenk
Stable release
2.9.7100 / 11 June 2019; 7 months ago (2019-06-11)[1]
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Written inC, C++, Pascal
Operating systemWindows, Linux, macOS
Size192 MB
TypeTeX, LaTeX
License"several free"[2]

MiKTeX is a free distribution of the TeX/LaTeX typesetting system for Microsoft Windows[3] (and for Mac and certain Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora)[4]. It also contains a set of related programs. MiKTeX provides the tools necessary to prepare documents using the TeX/LaTeX markup language, as well as a simple TeX editor: TeXworks. The name comes from Christian Schenk's login: MiK for Micro-Kid.[5]

MiKTeX can update itself by downloading new versions of previously installed components and packages, and has an easy installation process.[6] Additionally, it can ask users whether they wish to download any packages that have not yet been installed but are requested by the current document.

The current version of MiKTeX is 2.9 and is available at the MiKTeX homepage. Since version 2.7, MiKTeX has support for XeTeX, MetaPost and pdfTeX and compatibility with Windows 7. A portable version of MikTeX, as well as a command-line installer of it, are also available.[4]

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