Mi Buenos Aires querido (tango)

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Mi Buenos Aires querido.

'Mi Buenos Aires querido' (English: My Beloved Buenos Aires) is a tango with music by Carlos Gardel and lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera, released in 1934. It is featured on the soundtrack of its eponymous movie directed by Julio Irigoyen.

Background and Composition[edit]

As one of Carlos Gardel's most popular songs, this piece reflects on the beauty of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The lines of the song describe and compare the city to the feelings of love and luck, as well as getting rid of the sorrow present in the city when Gardel returns.[1] The entire song is in a 2/4 time signature and starts in the key of D Major. As the song progresses, the key signature changes to the key of B major.

In the beginning tango was associated to the low income population, performed in the poor neighborhoods (Arravales). Actually, learning to perform and swing tango has become a sign of richness and style.

Uses in Popular Culture[edit]

This tango song has primarily been used in movie soundtracks, particularly in the 1936 film, Mi Buenos Aires querido, which is a drama film about the Argentine tango. Not much is known about the movie as the plot seems to be unknown, respectively. [2] In addition, there is a 1962 version of the film, which also has an unknown plot. [3]

Carlos Gardel-Mi Buenos Aires querido (1934)

This song was also covered by the Milwaukee band Twister Army.


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