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Mia Florentine Weiss (2019)

Mia Florentine Weiss is a conceptual and performance artist. She uses various artistic genres and materials in her oeuvre like installation, sculpture, assemblage (objét trouvé), text, graphics as well as multimedia.[1][2][citation needed]

Her work has been in several exhibitions and art fairs.

Selected Exhibitions[edit]

Mia Florentine Weiss (* 1980 Würzburg) is a performative concept artist born in Germany. Her work encompasses various artistic disciplines such as performance, text, blood, installation, sculpture, objéts trouves, photography and film.

She created a sculpture which can be either read as Love or Hate depending on which side it is looked at. Since 2018, she has run a pro European campaign #LOVEUROPE with the LOVE HATE sculpture in different countries in and outside Europe: Germany, France, Russia, Czech Republic.

Her work has been shown in Museums and Art fairs internationally.

In June 2018, her work was included in Die BUNTE Art in the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art in Munich, Germany alongside Andy Warhol and contemporary artists Mirko Borsche, Carsten Fock, Roger Fritz, Hell Gette, Michael von Hassel, Olaf Nicolai, Anselm Reyle, Benjamin Roeder, Stefan Strumbel, Laurence de Valmy, Wolfgang Wilde.

Further reading[edit]

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