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Mia McKenna-Bruce
Born Mia Sasha McKenna-Bruce
(1997-07-03) 3 July 1997 (age 20)
Nationality British
Occupation Actress
Years active 2006–present

Mia Sasha McKenna-Bruce[1] (born 3 July 1997)[2] is an English actress, best known for her roles as Tee Taylor in Tracy Beaker Returns[3] and in spin-off series The Dumping Ground;[4] as Penny Branning in EastEnders;[5] and as Ashley Tyler in 2009 film The Fourth Kind.[6][7][8]

Early and personal life[edit]

McKenna-Bruce was raised in Chislehurst, Kent, with her mother Angela, father and two younger sisters, Ellis and Anya, who is also an actress.[1][9][10][11] McKenna--Bruce took dance classes at Liz Burville Performing Arts Centre in Bexley and was a student at Belcanto London Academy.[9][1] McKenna-Bruce attends Sapphire Dance Academy in Bexleyheath.[5] She attended Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School and Maidstone Grammar School for Girls and currently resides in West Malling, Kent.[12]


McKenna-Bruce's first role was a ballet girl in the West End production of Billy Elliot.[13][14] Her first TV role was the minor role of Ester in the TV short, Small Dark Places.[15] She then starred in Holby City as Abi Taylor for one episode.[16] McKenna-Bruce then appeared in EastEnders as Penny Branning.[5] She had a two episode guest in January 2008 and then another three episode guest stint April 2008. McKenna-Bruce next starred in The Bill in 2009 as Keira Curtis for one episode.[17] She then moved on to Doctors for three episodes.[18]

Later in 2009, McKenna-Bruce starred in her first film role, The Fourth Kind, playing Ashley Tyler.[6][7][8] Her next role was as main character Tee Taylor in Tracy Beaker Returns for three years from 2010 to 2012.[3] In 2011, McKenna-Bruce appeared in the TV series Spy for 1 episode[19] and in 5 episodes of The Tracy Beaker Survival Guide. McKenna-Bruce reprised the role of Tee Taylor and since 2013, has appeared in The Dumping Ground.[4] McKenna-Bruce played Tee Taylor in a The Dumping Ground spin-off, The Dumping Ground: I'm..., a webisode series.[20] McKenna-Bruce was then cast in the upcoming show The Marshlands.[21] McKenna-Bruce guest starred in another episode of Holby City as Asia Lucas, as well as guest starring in BBC Three's Josh.[22][23][24] McKenna-Bruce was cast as the lead in a feature film, The Rebels.[25][26]


Year Title Role Notes Refs.
2008 Small Dark Places Ester 1 episode [15]
Holby City Abi Taylor Episode: Physician, Heal Thyself [16]
EastEnders Penny Branning 5 episodes [5]
2009 The Bill Keira Curtis Episode: Little Girl Lost: Part 1 [17]
Doctors Pearl Snow Episodes: Sweet Good Night, Violent Delights Have Violent Ends,
Tempt Not a Desperate Man
The Fourth Kind Ashley Tyler Film role [6][7][8]
2010–2012 Tracy Beaker Returns Tee Taylor Regular role [3]
2011 Spy Ashley Episode: Codename: Blood [19]
2011 The Tracy Beaker Survival Files Tee Taylor 5 episodes
2013–2016, 2017 The Dumping Ground Regular role [4]
2014 The Dumping Ground Survival Files [27]
2016 The Dumping Ground: I'm... [28]
2017 Holby City Asia Lucas Episode: Growing Pains [22][23]
Josh Babysitter Episode: Bicycles & Babies [24]
TBA The Marshlands Megan Regular role [21]
The Rebels Enica Lead Role [25][26]
Video games
Year Title Role Refs.
2011 Tracy Beaker Returns: You Choose Tee Taylor [citation needed]
2013–2014 The Dumping Ground Game [citation needed]
2015 The Dumping Ground: You're the Boss [29]


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