Mia Milia

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Mia Milia
Mia Milia is located in Cyprus
Mia Milia
Mia Milia
Coordinates: 35°12′17.77″N 33°25′17.34″E / 35.2049361°N 33.4214833°E / 35.2049361; 33.4214833Coordinates: 35°12′17.77″N 33°25′17.34″E / 35.2049361°N 33.4214833°E / 35.2049361; 33.4214833
Country  Cyprus
 • District Nicosia District
Country (controlled by)  Northern Cyprus
 • District Lefkoşa District
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 4,204

Mia Milia (Greek: Μια Μηλιά or Μία Μηλιά, literally 'One Apple tree', Turkish: Haspolat) is an industrialised village and an eastern suburb of North Nicosia. Mia Milia is under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus and functions as a separate municipality. The Cyprus International University and the new Nicosia bi-communal water treatment plant are located within its boundaries.

In 1973, Mia Milia had an all-Greek Cypriot population of 1,381. As of 2011, it had a population of 4,204, comprising Turkish Cypriots and Turkish nationals. Migrant workers have set up a shanty town near the industrial area.[2]


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