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Dwyane Wade won the NBA Finals MVP en route to helping the Heat win its first NBA Championship.

The Miami Heat are an American professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida. They play in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The Heat first participated in the NBA draft on June 28, 1988, about five months before their inaugural NBA season. In 1989, the NBA agreed with the National Basketball Players' Association to limit drafts to two rounds, an arrangement that has remained the same up the present time.[1] Before each draft, an NBA Draft Lottery determines the first round selection order for the teams that missed the playoffs during the prior season.[1] Teams can also trade their picks, which means that in some drafts teams may have more or less than two draft picks, although they must have at least one first-round pick every other year.[2]


Abbreviation Meaning Abbreviation Meaning
Nat Nationality Pos Position
G Guard PG Point guard
SG Shooting guard F Forward
SF Small forward PF Power forward
C Center    


Draft Round Pick Player Nat Pos College/High School/Club
1988 1 9 Seikaly, RonyRony Seikaly  LIB C Syracuse
1988 1 20 Edwards, KevinKevin Edwards (from Dallas)[a]  USA SG DePaul
1988 2 33 Long, GrantGrant Long  USA F Eastern Michigan
1988 2 35 Gray, SylvesterSylvester Gray (from New York via Chicago, Seattle, and Boston)[b]  USA SF Memphis
1988 2 40 Graham, OrlandoOrlando Graham (from Seattle)[c]  USA PF Auburn–Montgomery
1988 3 59 Johnston, NateNate Johnston  USA PF Tampa
1989 1 4 Rice, GlenGlen Rice  USA SF Michigan
1989 2 28 Douglas, ShermanSherman Douglas  USA PG Syracuse
1989 2 45 Haffner, ScottScott Haffner (from Seattle via Milwaukee)[d]  USA PG Evansville
1990 1 9 Burton, WillieWillie Burton (from Washington, via Dallas and Denver)[e]  USA PG Minnesota
1990 1 15 Jamerson, DaveDave Jamerson (from Denver,[e] traded to Houston)[f]  USA SG Ohio
1990 2 30 Herrera, CarlCarl Herrera (traded to Houston)[f]  TRI SF Houston
1991 1 5 Smith, SteveSteve Smith  USA SG Michigan State
1991 2 29 Ackles, GeorgeGeorge Ackles  USA C UNLV
1992 1 12 Miner, HaroldHarold Miner  USA SG USC
1992 2 37 Morris, IsaiahIsaiah Morris (traded to Detroit)[g]  USA PF Arkansas
1992 2 42 Geiger, MattMatt Geiger (from L.A. Lakers)[h]  USA C Georgia Tech
1993 2 35 Stokes, EdEd Stokes (traded to Washington)[i]  USA C Arizona
1994 1 12 Reeves, KhalidKhalid Reeves  USA G Arizona
1994 2 40 Webster, JeffJeff Webster (traded to Washington)[i]  USA F Oklahoma
1995 1 10 Thomas, KurtKurt Thomas  USA F TCU
1995 2 42 Banks, GeorgeGeorge Banks  USA F UTEP
1997 1 26 Smith, CharlesCharles Smith  USA G New Mexico
1997 2 31 Sanford, MarkMark Sanford  USA F Washington
1998 2 51 Brewer, CoreyCorey Brewer  USA G Oklahoma
1999 1 25 James, TimTim James  USA F Miami (FL)
1999 2 53 Buford, RodneyRodney Buford  USA G Creighton
2000 2 37 House, EddieEddie House (from Cleveland via Denver)[j]  USA G Arizona State
2000 2 52 Brown, ErnestErnest Brown  USA C Indian Hills Community College
2001 2 49 Johnson, KenKen Johnson  USA C Ohio State
2002 1 10 Butler, CaronCaron Butler  USA SF Connecticut
2002 2 53 Butler, RasualRasual Butler (from Detroit via Toronto and Houston)[k]  USA SF La Salle
2003 1 5 Wade, DwyaneDwyane Wade  USA G Marquette
2003 2 33 Beasley, JeromeJerome Beasley  USA F North Dakota
2004 1 19 Wright, DorellDorell Wright  USA SF Leuzinger (H.S.)
2004 2 47 Sow, PapePape Sow (traded to Toronto)[l]  SEN PF Cal State Fullerton
2004 2 53 Freije, MattMatt Freije (from Dallas)[m]  LIB SF Vanderbilt
2005 1 29 Simien, WayneWayne Simien  USA PF Kansas
2007 1 20 Smith, JasonJason Smith (traded to Philadelphia)[n]  USA PF Colorado State
2007 2 39 Barać, StankoStanko Barać (from Sacramento via Utah and Orlando,[o] traded to Indiana)[p]  CRO C HKK Široki (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2008 1 2 Beasley, MichaelMichael Beasley  USA PF Kansas State
2008 2 52 Jackson, DarnellDarnell Jackson (from Orlando,[o] traded to Cleveland)[q]  USA PF Kansas
2009 2 43 Thornton, MarcusMarcus Thornton (from Indiana,[p] traded to New Orleans)[r]  USA SG LSU
2009 2 60 Dozier, RobertRobert Dozier  USA PF Memphis
2010 2 32 Pittman, DexterDexter Pittman (from Minnesota via Oklahoma City)[s]  USA C Texas
2010 2 41 Varnado, JarvisJarvis Varnado (from New Orleans)[r]  USA PF Mississippi State
2010 2 42 Butler, DaseanDa'Sean Butler (from Toronto)[t]  USA SF West Virginia
2010 2 48 Williams, LataviousLatavious Williams (traded to Oklahoma City)[u]  USA F Tulsa 66ers (D-League)
2012 1 27 Moultrie, ArnettArnett Moultrie (traded to Philadelphia)[w]  USA PF Mississippi St.
2014 1 26 Hairston, P. J.P. J. Hairston (traded to Charlotte)[y]  USA G North Carolina
2014 2 55 Christon, SemajSemaj Christon (traded to Oklahoma City[z] via Charlotte)[y]  USA PG Xavier
2015 1 10 Winslow, JustiseJustise Winslow  USA SF Duke
2015 2 40 Richardson, JoshJosh Richardson  USA SG Tennessee


  • b On October 30, 1986, the New York Knicks traded the 1988 NBA Draft second-round pick along with the Denver's 1987 NBA draft first-round pick to the Chicago Bulls for center Jawann Oldham.[4]
    On June 22, 1987, the Chicago Bulls traded the New York's 1988 NBA Draft second-round pick along with the draft rights to center Olden Polynice and the Chicago's 1989 NBA Draft first-round pick to the Seattle SuperSonics for the draft rights to forward Scottie Pippen and the Seattle's 1989 NBA Draft first-round pick.[5]
    On October 16, 1987, the Seattle SuperSonics traded the New York's 1988 NBA Draft second-round pick along with an undisclosed amount of cash to the Boston Celtics for guard Sam Vincent and forward Scott Wedman.[6]
    On June 23, 1988, the Boston Celtics traded the New York's 1988 NBA Draft second-round draft pick to the Miami Heat for not selecting guard Dennis Johnson in the 1988 NBA Expansion Draft.[3]
  • c On June 23, 1988, the Heat received the 1988 NBA Draft second-round draft pick from the Seattle SuperSonics for not selecting guard Danny Young in the 1988 NBA Expansion Draft.[3]
  • d On July 1, 1987, the Seattle SuperSonics traded center Jack Sikma, along with the 1987 NBA Draft second-round pick and 1989 NBA draft second-round pick to the Milwaukee Bucks for center Alton Lister, 1987 NBA Draft first-round pick and 1989 NBA Draft first-round pick.[7]
    On June 23, 1988, the Heat traded forward Fred Roberts to the Milwaukee Bucks for a 1989 second-round draft pick.[3]
  • e 1 2 On June 22, 1990, the Heat traded the 1990 NBA Draft first-round pick (#3 selection) to the Denver Nuggets for two 1990 NBA Draft first-round picks (#9 and #15 selections).[8]
  • j On June 27, 2000, the Heat acquired forward Chris Gatling and the 37th selection in the 2000 NBA draft from the Denver Nuggets in exchange for guard Voshon Lenard and forward Mark Strickland.[12] Previously, on October 20, 1997, Denver acquired this 2000 second round pick along with guard Sherman Douglas from the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for guard Greg Graham.
  • k On July 18, 2001, the Detroit Pistons traded their 2002 second round picks to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Željko Rebrača. Later, on August 2, 2001, the Raptors traded one of these 2002 second round picks along with their 2002 first round pick to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Hakeem Olajuwon. The Rockets swapped second round picks with the Heat on draft day in 2002.
  • n On June 28, 2007, the Heat traded the draft rights to 20th pick Jason Smith to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for the draft rights to 21st pick Daequan Cook, a 2009 second-round draft pick and cash considerations.[15]
  • o 1 2 On June 7, 2007, the Heat received Sacramento's 2007 and Orlando's 2008 second-round draft picks from Orlando as part of the hiring of Stan Van Gundy as Orlando's head coach.[16] Previously, Orlando received Sacramento's second-round draft pick and DeShawn Stevenson on February 19, 2004 from Utah in exchange for Gordan Giriček.[17] Earlier, Utah acquired 2004 and 2007 second-round draft picks and Keon Clark on August 3, 2003 from Sacramento in exchange for a 2004 second-round draft pick.[18]
  • q On June 26, 2008, the Heat traded Darnell Jackson to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for a 2009 second round pick.
  • s On July 27, 2009, the Minnesota Timberwolves traded Etan Thomas and their 2010 second round picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Chucky Atkins and Damien Wilkins. Later, on June 23, 2010, the Heat traded Daequan Cook and their 2010 first round pick to the Thunder in exchange for one of these 2010 second round picks.
  • v On June 23, 2011, the Heat traded the 31st pick, a future second-round pick, and cash considerations to Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for the 2011 28th pick.[23]
  • x Dwyane Wade is the all time leading draft pick in points, assist, steals, field goals, free throws, points per game, and steals per game.[25]
  • y 1 2 On June 26, 2014, the Heat traded their draft rights to P. J. Hairston and Semaj Christon to the Charlotte Hornets in exchange for Shabazz Napier, a 2019 second round pick, and cash considerations.[26]
  • z On the same draft day in 2014, the Oklahoma City Thunder acquired the draft rights to Semaj Christon from the Charlotte Bobcats in exchange for cash considerations.[27]


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