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This article is about the high school in Pinecrest, Florida. For other high schools with the same name, see Palmetto High School (disambiguation).
Miami Palmetto Senior High School
Miami Palmetto Senior High School Seal.png
Pinecrest, Florida
United States
Type Public secondary
Established September 1958
School district Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Principal Victoria Dobbs
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 2,883 students
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Columbia blue and White
Mascot Panther
School hours 7:20–2:20

Vis Per Scientiam

Latin for "Strength through knowledge"
Assistant Principals Karina Menendez
Tierney Hunter
Bridgette Tate, Kristina Garcia

Miami Palmetto Senior High School is a public high school located at 7460 S.W. 118th Street in Pinecrest, Florida. The school is on 23 acres (93,000 m²) in southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida, and is part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools district. Miami Norland Senior High is Miami Palmetto's sister school by original blueprints. The school has been named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.[1] Its principal is Victoria Dobbs.

Miami Palmetto's athletic rivals are Miami Killian High School, Miami Southridge High School and Coral Reef High School. Coral Gables High School and South Dade High School were rivals throughout much of the school's history.


The school was built in 1958. Miami Palmetto serves a diverse population both culturally and socio-economically. It is one of two public high schools with a white non-Hispanic plurality in Miami-Dade County, the other being Tracy and Alonzo Mourning High School. The school is 43% Hispanic, 34.6% White, 16.8% Black/African American, 5% Asian, and 3% multiracial.[2] The school has not been without any scandal. In 2012 school custodians were arrested for stealing school property and selling it to a scrap yard.[3] In the year 2013 a student stabbed another student with scissors, and parents later protested the fact that the school never informed them.[4] In 2015 the school was criticized by the media over photos showing filthy conditions at the school's campus.[5] In the same year the high school's music teacher was arrested for having sex with an underage student, the charges were later dropped.[6] Later in the year the Palmetto Lacrosse team came under fire from the media for their racist comments on an online chat room.[7]


Miami Palmetto students score higher on both state and national assessments than other standard (non-magnet) public schools in Miami-Dade County. For example, according to Newsweek's List of the 1,000 Top U.S. Schools (2011),[8] Miami Palmetto is ranked at 251 in the nation (23rd in the State of Florida). According to the 2007 version of the list, the school is ranked at 72 in the nation. This ranking is based on self-reported statistics[9] including:

  • On-time graduation (91%)
  • Graduates immediately enrolling in college (95%)
  • Various standardized test scores (45%)
  • AP/IB/AICE courses offered per graduate (5%)

Miami Palmetto is currently participating in a pilot program of AP Capstone.

School Performance Grade Trends[10][edit]

School Year School Grade
2014-2015 A
2013-2014 A
2012-2013 A
2011-2012 A
2010-2011 A
2009-2010 A
2008-2009 A
2007-2008 A
2006-2007 A
2005-2006 A
2004-2005 A
2003-2004 B
2002-2003 A
2001-2002 A
2000-2001 A
1999-2000 C
1998-1999 C

Miami Palmetto media[edit]

Miami Palmetto has two publications: the newspaper, "The Panther",[11] and the yearbook, Palm Echo. Both are managed by staffs composed entirely of students, with Kurt Panton serving as adviser to both. The daily morning newscast, WPAW, airs on closed-circuit channel 3.


Baker Trophy Won by Palmetto in 1994, maintained at the United States Naval Academy

International Championships

  • Coed Sailing - British Schools Dinghy Racing Association Team Racing Champion (by invitation) - 1994 [12]

National Championships

  • Coed Sailing - National High School Dinghy Championship (Mallory Trophy) - Champions 1994;[13] runner-up 1997 [14]
  • Coed Sailing - National High School Team Racing Champions (Baker Trophy) - 1994 [15]

State Championships

  • Boys golf – 1967
  • Softball – 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008
  • Girls tennis – 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986
  • Boys tennis – 1979, 1990, 1991, 1996
  • Wrestling – 1974, 1976, 1996
  • Boys Swimming – 2009, 2010
  • Girls water Polo - 1980, 1986
  • Boys Water Polo – 1984

Notable alumni[edit]

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