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Miami RC
Full name Miami Rugby Football Club, Inc.
Union [[USA Rugby South
Florida Rugby Football Union]]
Nickname(s) The Black and Gold
Ground(s) German American Social Club (Practices) and Ron Ehman Park (Games)
Coach(es) Argentina Alejandro Turcuman, Ruben Dario Garcia, Julio Montaner
Captain(s) United States Kyle Stoffers, John Bankston
League(s) USA Rugby South Div. 1
Team kit
Change kit

Miami Rugby Club is a rugby union club in Miami, Florida. According to rankings in Rugby Magazine, Miami list’s amongst the top five clubs in the Southeastern United States. They have won the Florida state championship regularly. Miami Rugby traces its origin to 1969 when it was founded by Father John Howells, who was the Catholic priest at the University of Miami and wanted to provide visiting British Royal Navy ships with competitive rugby. Miami Rugby competes in the USA Rugby South against clubs from Florida, as well as touring Argentine, Uruguayan, British and West Indies Clubs. Miami Rugby also periodically tours Europe, the Southern Hemisphere and North America.

Miami Rugby players come from all over the globe. Players from Miami Rugby have competed on United States Eagle National teams and on USA Rugby-South select side (all-star) teams. Miami Rugby players and “Old Boys” also lend coaching assistance to local universities such as University of Miami Rugby Football and Florida International University RFC’s. Miami RFC Competes in Division 1 within the Florida Rugby Football Union. As recently as 2008, Miami Rugby was ranked 19th in the nation by USA Rugby after winning a Florida State Championship. Since 2009, the club has started (Youth Divisions). As of December 2009, it has more than 50 players enrolled in three categories, U8, U13 and U15.

  • 1969-1977: 261 Wins and 30 Losses
  • 1969-1679: 298 Wins and 37 Losses
  • 1969-1980: 339 Wins and 39 Losses
  • 1969-1981: 349 Wins, 39 Losses and 5 Ties
  • 1969-1983: 358 Wins and 42 Losses

Schedule for 1979:

  • Jan 13th vs Tridends at home won 46-6
  • Jan 28th vs. Sun San Carlos at home won 27-20
  • Feb 3rd vs. Ft. Lauderdale at home won 38-0
  • Feb 17th vs. Boca Raton, away, won 28-14 - Finished 2nds
  • Feb 19th vs. Western Ontario at home won 8-0
  • Feb 24th vs Orland won 16-12
  • Mar 1st vs. Vancouver Rowin Club lost 12-14
  • March 3 vs. Boca Raton at home won 30-0
  • March 6 vs. Smugglers won 14-0
  • March 10 vs. Tallahassee, away, lost 20-14 and lost 16-0
  • Mar 13th vs. Xavier at home won 107 and lost 9-10
  • Mar 17th vs. Olivos at home lost 10-12
  • Mar 20th vs. Cal St. at home lost 0-15 - Finished 2nds
  • Mar 21st vs. Beacon Hill at home lost 13-0 - Finished 2nds
  • Mar 28th vs. Courtland St. at home won 26-0 and won 10-0 - Finished 1st and 2nds
  • Apr 12th vs. Rhode Island won 24-6 - Finished 1st
  • Apr 14th vs. Pelicans, away - No score, Miami with 9 players - Finished 2nds
  • May 5 vs. Cayman, away, won 15-6 and won 19-4
  • Dec 1st vs. Cayman Island RFC won 50-4
  • Dec 15th vs. HMS won 36-4

Schedule 1980: Florida 7th Champions and Florida Cup Champions - Finished with 11 games won, 1 lost, and 1 tied

  • Oct 15th vs. Orange Emus Australia at home won 36-6
  • Oct 21st vs. Smugglers at home won 10-9

Schedule 1981:

  • Jan 1st vs. Sydney Teachers, Australia at home won 56-16
  • Jan 31st A side vs. Tridents at home won 28-3 and B side vs. Ft. Lauderdale won 53-0
  • Feb 7th A side vs. Boca Raton at home won 32-3 and B side vs. Palm Beach won 9-7
  • Feb 21st B side vs. Brevard won 48-0
  • Feb 28th vs. Boca Raton at hom. Aside won 25-0 and B side won 25-3
  • Mar 7th vs. Manhattan at home. Lost A side and Won B side
  • Mar 14th Florida Championships at FIU Campus in Miami: Won Div. I by Forfeit and won Div. II against Ft. Lauderdale 32-0
  • Mar 21st won vs. Princeton College
  • Mar 22nd and 26th vs. College of London, England at home. Won
  • Mar 26th vs. Princeton at home. Aside won 90-0
  • Mar 28th vs. Ft. Lauderdale, away. Won A & B sides
  • Apr 7th vs. Richmond Heavies at home. Over 30's game. Won
  • Apr 11th South Regional Championships, away. A side lost 31-0
  • Apr 19th vs. Cardiff won 40-20
  • May 2 vs. Pilgrim Panthers, England won 11-6
  • May 9 vs. Bristol RFC, England lost 28-23
  • May 15 vs. Northern RFC, England. Won
  • May 20 President's XV vs. Bristol, England. Lost.

Schedule 1983: State And Regional Champions

  • Jan 15th vs. Tridents at Home. Won
  • Jan 22nd vs. Iron Horse at Home. Won
  • Jan 29th B side vs. Tridents. Won
  • Feb 1st, A side vs. Boca Raton won 37-0
  • Feb 5th, B side vs. Palm Beach tied 16-16
  • Feb 12th vs. Ft Myers at home won 41-7
  • Feb 19th vs. Ft. Lauderdale, away, won 19-12
  • Mar 5th vs. Pelicans, away, won 19-10
  • Mar 6th B side vs. Tampa. Won
  • Mar 12th vs. Tridents, away. Won
  • Apr State Championship at home, Won 12-9
  • Apr 17th Regional Championship at home won 23-24
  • Sep 11th won vs. Tridents
  • Sep 25th, a side lost vs. Tridents 14-/8 and B side lost vs. Palm Beach 14-11
  • Oct 2nd B side vs. Tridents won 20-0
  • Oct 3rd vs. HMS Broadsword won 28-0
  • Oct 9th vs. Fort Lauderdale won 16-8
  • Oct 16th vs. Palm Beach, away, won 11-3
  • Nov 13th A side vs. Orlando, away, won 13-7 and B side won 11-0
  • Nov 20th vs. Brevard at home won 37-16

Schedule 1989:

  • Sep 16th, A side vs. Iron Horse at home won 25-6

Schedule 2002:

  • Jan 12th vs. Tridents Won 31-18
  • Jan 26th vs. Tridents Lost 5-13
  • Feb 2nd vs. Fort Lauderdale Won 22-10
  • Feb 9th vs. Orlando Lost 19-34
  • Feb 16th vs. Fort Lauderdale tied 13-13
  • Mar 2nd vs. Orlando Won 10-30
  • Mar 9th vs. Pelicans Won 39-22
  • Mar 16th vs. Boca Raton, home, ???
  • Mar 23rd vs. Pelicans, home, ???
  • Apr 6th vs. Boca Raton, away, ???

Schedule 2009:

  • Sep 12th vs. Fort Lauderdale, home, won 40-0
  • Sep 19th vs. Tridents, away, Won 17-19
  • Sep 26th vs. Brevard, home, Won 46-7
  • Oct 17th vs. Boca Raton, Florida Cup, Lost 41-7
  • Oct 24th vs. Florida International University, away, Won 5-40
  • Nov 1st vs. Maristas Rugby Club Mendoza U19, home, Lost 15-17
  • Nov 24th vs. Tridents, home, Won 33-10
  • Dec 5th vs. Boca Raton, away, Lost 23-17
  • Dec 12th vs. Naples, home, Won 26-3

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