Mianwali Bangla

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Mianwali Bangla
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Sialkot
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Mianwali Bangla (Urdu: مِيانوالى بنٚگلا‎), (Punjabi: میانوالی بنٚگلا), is a small and newly built town on Gujranwala Pasrur Road in Sialkot District, Pakistan. The BRB Canal divides the town into two parts: the old town is on the right bank and on other side is the new area called Bangla or Bazaar.

The New Town population is shifted from adjoining villages like weerwala Changi Sakhana Bajwa Dheerki Siyan etc. Nowadays Mianwali Bangla is almost merged with Siranwali and Satrah.


The town was a site of Irrigation Rest House and staff colony settled by the British Raj government. Now, the rest house and Colony are almost ruined. and Now Rest House and staff colony called Bajwa Colony as well.


  • A Bazaar with a few medical stores, grocery and clothing shops, Agriculture tools Industry, Rice Mills Engineering, The Chenab School, Taxi & Bus stand are all facilitating people of town and nearby villages. The town is growing rapidly from some years.