Mic Sokoli

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Mic Sokoli
DiedApril 1881 (aged 42)
Battle of Slivova
OccupationFreedom fighter
Known forThrusting his body in front of an enemy cannon and raising morale

Mic Sokoli (1839–1881) was an Albanian nationalist figure and guerrilla fighter.[1] Mic Sokoli was born in the village of Fang near Bujan in the Tropoja district of the north. He was a noted guerrilla leader during the years of the League of Prizren and took part in the fighting in Yakova against Mehmet Ali Pasha.[1] He fought in the Battle of Novšiće (near Grudë) against the Montenegrins. Mic Sokoli is remembered in particular for an act that has entered the chronicles of Albanian legend as a deed of exemplary heroism: at the battle of Slivova against Ottoman forces in April 1881, he died when he pressed his body against the mouth of a Turkish cannon.[1]


The stories of Sokoli's braveness in battles have been noted in many traditional Albanian folk songs.[2] He is a People's Hero of Albania.[3]

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