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This article is about the painter. For the actor, see Micah Stephen Williams. For the comedian born "Micah Willams", see Katt Williams.
Gentleman in a Brown Frock Coat attributed to Micah Williams

Micah Williams (1782–1837) was a New Jersey folk art painter.


He was most likely born near Hempstead, New York or Essex County, New Jersey in 1782.[1][2] From 1829 to 1833 he worked in New York City. He also worked as a portrait artist in and around New Brunswick and Monmouth County, New Jersey. The earliest work attributed to him is from around 1790. In 1806 he married in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The last work attributed to him was from 1833.[1][2] He died in New Brunswick, New Jersey on November 21, 1837.[3] He was buried in Van Liew Cemetery, New Brunswick, New Jersey.[3]


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