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Micaiah Towgood (1700–1792) is the author of A Dissent from the Church of England, Fully Justified; Being The Dissenting Gentleman's Three Letters in Answer to the Letters of The Rev. John White... as well as a number of similar religious works.

Towgood's rarest and most sought after work is surely, A True Idea of the Character and Reign of King Charles the First, and The True Causes of The Civil War, published in 1748. This lengthy tract was considered controversial even 100 years after that king's untimely demise.

Micaiah Towgood was a Dissenting minister in Exeter, and an avowed Arian. He corresponded with John Wesley, and in 1755, John and Charles Wesley read together Towgood's "A Gentleman's Reasons for his Dissent from the Church of England", in preparation for their Conference at Leeds. Wesley described it as "an elaborate and lively tract."