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Michèle Laroque
Michèle Laroque Cannes 2015.jpg
Michèle Laroque at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival
Born (1960-06-15) 15 June 1960 (age 55)
Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France
Occupation Actress, comedian, producer, screenwriter
Height 5 ft 7.5 in (1.71 m)
Partner(s) François Baroin (2008–present)

Michèle Laroque (born June 15, 1960) is a French actress, comedian, humorist, producer and screenwriter.

Early life[edit]

Michèle Laroque was born in Nice in the department of Alpes-Maritimes. She is the daughter of Romanian dancer and violinist Doina Trandabur. Her father is French doctor Claude Laroque, who met Doina a year earlier during a tour. Michèle is also the niece of Pierre Laroque, the creator of Social Security in France. She studied economics and English, taking comedy classes at the same time in Antibes and then moving to the United States on a campus in Austin, Texas. In 1979, along with her best friend, she was victim of a car accident that resulted two years of hospitalisation, a long convalescence and several months of reeducation. Following an extended coma and associated psychological trauma, she made the decision to become a comedian.


Michèle Laroque at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival

She made her television début in 1988 in the humorous programme La Classe hosted by Fabrice every evening on FR3, where she met Pierre Palmade, Muriel Robin and Jean-Marie Bigard.

In 1989, she had her first role in the film Suivez cet avion and later had small roles in Le Mari de la coiffeuse (1990) by Patrice Leconte and Une époque formidable... (1991) by Gérard Jugnot and also starring him in the main role. She was nominated for the César Awards for Best Supporting Actress in La Crise (1992) and Pédale douce (1996).

She joined Les Enfoirés and is a member for the special tours and spectacles for Les Restos du Cœur. She is also the spokesperson for the association Enfance et Partage.

In 2002, she was the voice of Captain Amelia in the French version of animated film Treasure Planet. In 2007, she appeared in an advertisement for the game Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day! on Nintendo DS.

Personal life[edit]

Michèle Laroque was married to theatre director Dominique Deschamps for a brief period and later divorced.[1] She has a daughter named Oriane (born July 12, 1995), who acted alongside her mother in the film Hey Good Looking !.

Since 2008, she is in a relationship with politician François Baroin.[2] Her tax exile in the USA ended in 2010, her partner becoming at that time the Budget Minister of France.[3]

Michèle Laroque is 5' 7.5" (1.71 m) tall. She is a gay rights activist.


Year Title Author Director Notes
1987 C'est encore mieux l'après-midi Ray Cooney Pierre Mondy
La Drague Alain Krief
1988 La face cachée d'Orion Lanford Wilson Blandine Harmelin
1990 Coiffure pour dames Robert Harling Stéphane Hillel
1991 Ornifle ou le Courant d'air Jean Anouilh Patrice Leconte Nominated - Molière Award for Best Supporting Actress
1993 Une folie Sacha Guitry Jacques Échantillon
Silence en coulisses ! Michael Frayn Jean-Luc Moreau
1994 Cirque à deux Barry Creyton Jean-Michel Ribes
1996 Ils s'aiment Pierre Palmade & Muriel Robin Muriel Robin
2001 Ils se sont aimés Pierre Palmade & Muriel Robin Muriel Robin
2007 Faisons un rêve Sacha Guitry Bernard Murat
2009 My Brilliant Divorce Geraldine Aron Michèle Laroque
2012 Ils se re-aiment Pierre Palmade & Muriel Robin Alex Lutz


Year Title Role Director Notes
1988 Vivement lundi TV Series
1989 The Hitchhiker Florence TV Series (1 Episode)
Suivez cet avion The stewardess Patrice Ambard
Tribunal Me Adler TV Series (8 Episodes)
1990 The Hairdresser's Husband Adopted Child's Mother Patrice Leconte
Imogène TV Series (1 Episode)
La télé des inconnus TV Series
1991 Une époque formidable... The Bounty Hunter Gérard Jugnot
C'est quoi ce petit boulot? Madame Robine TV Series
Bébé express Agathe François Dupont-Midi TV Movie
1992 La Crise Martine Coline Serreau Nominated - César Award for Best Supporting Actress
Max et Jérémie Suzanne Claire Devers
Les cravates léopards Mme Bergaux Latour Jean-Luc Trotignon TV Movie
Coiffure pour dames Isabelle Michel Treguer TV Movie
1993 Louis, the Child King Duchesse de Longueville Roger Planchon
Tango Hélène Baraduc Patrice Leconte
Navarro Catherine Vallet Tito Topin TV Series (1 Episode)
Paranoïa Frédéric Forestier & Stéphane Gateau Short
1994 Personne ne m'aime Marie-Christine (Cricri) Marion Vernoux
Aux petits bonheurs Sabine Michel Deville
Chacun pour toi Fernande Jean-Michel Ribes
B comme Bolo Dr. Salomé Jean-Michel Ribes TV Movie
1995 Le fabuleux destin de Madame Petlet Marcie Camille de Casabianca
Quatre pour un loyer TV Series
Nelly and Mr. Arnaud Isabelle Claude Sautet
Une femme dans mon cœur Alice Bataille Gérard Marx TV Movie
Le retour d'Arsène Lupin Adrienne TV Series (1 Episode)
Le nid tombé de l'oiseau Eva Prudhomme Alain Schwartzstein TV Movie
Le mouton noir Cécile Francis De Gueltz TV Movie
1996 Fallait pas !... Constance Gérard Jugnot
Les Aveux de l'innocent The Judge Jean-Pierre Améris
Passage à l'acte Florence Francis Girod
Elvis Aziz Hélène Rivard Frédéric Compain TV Movie
Pédale douce Marie Hagutte Gabriel Aghion Nominated - César Award for Best Supporting Actress
Le Plus Beau Métier du monde Hélène Monier Gérard Lauzier
1997 Ma vie en rose Hanna Fabre Alain Berliner
1998 Serial Lover Claire Doste James Huth
Maternité TV Series (1 Episode)
Week-end! Hélène Arnaud Sélignac TV Movie
Le Mur TV announcer Alain Berliner
1999 Doggy Bag Jeanne Frédéric Comtet
Ils s'aiment Isabelle Paul Férel TV Movie
2000 Épouse-moi Oriane Roche Harriet Marin
Une femme neuve Marie Didier Albert TV Movie
2001 The Closet Mademoiselle Bertrand Francis Veber
J'ai faim !!! Arlette Florence Quentin
L'oiseau rare Alexandra Didier Albert TV Movie
2003 La chose publique Michèle Mathieu Amalric TV Movie
Mon voisin du dessus Claire Letellier Laurence Katrian TV Movie
2004 Pédale dure Marie Hagutte Gabriel Aghion
Malabar Princess Valentine Gilles Legrand
Ils se sont aimés Isabelle Sylvain Bergère TV Movie
2005 L'Anniversaire Élisabeth Diane Kurys
2006 La Maison du Bonheur Anne Boulin Dany Boon
Petits Secrets et gros mensonges Isabelle Delambre Laurence Katrian TV Movie
L'entente cordiale The bank manager Vincent De Brus
Hey Good Looking ! Isa Lisa Azuelos
2007 En marge des jours Julie Emmanuel Finkiel TV Movie
Faisons un rêve Elle Bernard Murat TV Movie
Enfin veuve Anne-Marie Gratigny Isabelle Mergault
The Neighbor Christine Eddie O'Flaherty
2009 Oscar et la Dame rose Rose Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Dans tes bras Solange Hubert Gillet
2010 Le grand restaurant A client of the restaurant Gérard Pullicino TV Movie
2011 Monsieur Papa Marie Vallois Kad Merad
2012 Moi à ton âge Caroline Gardel Bruno Garcia TV Movie
La Méthode Claire Claire Robin Vincent Monnet TV Serie (2 Episodes)
2015 Un fils Mathilde Alain Berliner TV Movie
Festival de La Rochelle - Best Actress
Peplum Arria Philippe Lefebvre TV Series (1 Episode)
Hard Madeleine Fournier Laurent Dussaux & Melissa Drigeard TV Series (7 Episodes)
2016 Le Fantôme de Canterville Elisabeth Yann Samuell
Camping 3 Fabien Onteniente


Michèle Laroque at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival

Movies starring Michèle Laroque with more than a million of entries in France.

Films Director Year France (entries)
1 The Closet Francis Veber 2001 5,317,858
2 Pédale douce Gabriel Aghion 1996 4,162,380
3 La Crise Coline Serreau 1992 2,354,309
4 The Best Job in the World Gérard Lauzier 1996 2,269,925
5 The Merry Widow Isabelle Mergault 2007 2,210,676
6 Une époque formidable... Gérard Jugnot 1991 1,672,754
7 Nelly and Mr. Arnaud Claude Sautet 1995 1,521,041
8 Malabar Princess Gilles Legrand 2004 1,470,701
9 La Maison du Bonheur Dany Boon 2006 1,146,962
10 Hey Good Looking ! Lisa Azuelos 2006 1,066,999


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