Michał Jerzy Mniszech

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Michał Jerzy Mniszech
Michał Jerzy Wandalin Mniszech.JPG
Anonymous portrait
Coat of arms Herb Mniszech.PNGMniszech
Consort Pelagia Teresa Potocka
Urszula Zamoyska
Family Mniszchowie
Father Jan Karol Mniszech
Mother Katarzyna Zamoyska
Born 1742
Died March 14, 1806(1806-03-14)

Count Michał Jerzy Wandalin Mniszech (1742–1806) was a Polish nobleman.

Michal became Colonel in 1757, Cześnik of the Crown in 1777, Great Secretary of Lithuania in 1778, Chief of the Royal Chancellery in 1780. He served also as Marshal of the Court of Lithuania from 1781 until 1783 and Grand Marshal of the Crown from 1783 until 1793. He was starost of Lublin, Jawor, Słonim and Rostoki.

As one of the senators he participated in the Great Sejm.


His wife, Urszula Zamoyska by Dmitri Levitsky.