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Micha Asher Perles
Born Jerusalem
Fields convexity, combinatorics, graph theory
Alma mater Hebrew University
Thesis  (1964)
Doctoral advisor Branko Grünbaum
Doctoral students Ron Adin, Noga Alon, Gil Kalai, Michael Kallay, Abdullah Kamal, Nati Linial, Rom Pinchasi, Moriah Sigron
Known for Perles configuration, Perles–Sauer–Shelah lemma, pumping lemma

Micha Asher Perles is an Israeli mathematician working in geometry, a professor emeritus at the Hebrew University.[1] He earned his Ph.D. in 1964 from the Hebrew University, under the supervision of Branko Grünbaum.[2] His contributions include:

Notable students of Perles include Noga Alon, Gil Kalai, and Nati Linial.[2]

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