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Per Michael Ljunggren
Born (1962-03-22)March 22, 1962
Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden
Died July 17, 1995(1995-07-17) (aged 33)
Markaryd, Småland, Sweden
Occupation President of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club's Swedish chapters
Children 2 sons (born 1985 and 1989)
Parent(s) Inger Ljunggren (mother)

Per Michael "Joe" Ljunggren (March 22, 1962 – July 17, 1995[1]) was a Swedish mobster and President of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club's Swedish chapters.

Ljunggren co-founded White Trash MC, Sweden's first "outlaw" motorcycle club, with Jan "Face" Krogh Jensen in the mid-1980s. He then became a member of the Helsingborg-based club Morbids MC, which was eventually patched-over by the Bandidos, making him a founding member of the Bandidos first Swedish chapter, where he went on to become National President.[2]

On July 17, 1995, he was returning from a visit to Finnish club Undertakers MC in Helsinki with Jan Jensen, a former Hells Angels member who crossed over to the Bandidos. The pair boarded a ferry to Stockholm then rode their Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the direction of Helsingborg. Jensen's motorcycle broke down in Ljungby, however, and Ljunggren continued the journey alone. He was shot by a sniper while riding his motorcycle on the E4 motorway, south of Markaryd, Småland. He then fell from his bike and was run over by a car. An ambulance took him to a nearby hospital, with doctors initially thinking a simple road accident had occurred. Only at the hospital did it become clear that he had been shot several times by a rifle. He was wearing a flak vest, but one of the shots penetrated the armour, striking him in the back and killing him. Although no-one was ever charged with his murder, it is widely believed that he was killed by a Hells Angels member in relation to the Great Nordic Biker War.[3]


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