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Michael Bennighof
OccupationGame designer
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Michael Bennighof is a game designer who has worked primarily on board games.

Early life and education[edit]

Mike Bennighof, Ph.D., is a Fulbright Scholar, and holds a doctorate in History from Emory University.[1] He has played and coached semi-pro football, taught college, worked as a newspaper reporter, and shoveled gravel professionally.[1]


Mike Bennighof has been designing games since the early 1980s, working on over 100 titles as designer or developer.[1] Bennighof is president of Avalanche Press, Ltd., a publisher of traditional board wargames.[1] He has won Origins Awards both for wargame design (U.S. Navy Plan Orange) and roleplaying game design (Celtic Age).[1] He scripted the Panzer General II (for which he also designed the maps[2]) and Destroyer Commander computer games, among others; designed such games as Survival of the Witless, Panzer Grenadier, and Great War at Sea; and was the author of the infamous book, Black Flags.[1] Great War at Sea received awards at the Origins Awards in 1998 and 1999.[3][4]


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