Michael Berlyn

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Michael Berlyn
Born1949 (age 69–70)
OccupationGame designer
EmployerInfocom, Accolade
Known forCo-founder of SIE Bend Studio
Notable work
Bubsy 3D
Spouse(s)Muffy Berlyn

Michael Berlyn (born 1949) is an American video game designer and writer. He is best known as an implementer at Infocom, part of the text adventure game design team.[1]

Brainwave Creations was a small game programming company started by Michael Berlyn. The company was founded in the mid-1980s, and is probably best known for co-creating Tass Times in Tonetown along with Interplay's Rebecca Heineman.

Berlyn joined Marc Blank in founding the game company Eidetic, which later became Sony Bend. In 1998, Berlyn started Cascade Mountain Publishing, whose goals were to publish ebooks and interactive fiction. Cascade Mountain Publishing went out of business in 2000.[2]

Berlyn created a "light-jazz" band called Hot Mustard, made up entirely of his own music and performances.[3]




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