Michael Biggins

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Michael Biggins
Michael biggins aka blackout 2010.jpg
Born Michael Bigansky
Queens, NY
Other names Blackout
Occupation Actor, Writer, Director, Comedian, Improv Artist, Talk Radio & TV Show Host, Philosopher, Sound Designer, YouTuber & Periscoper
Known for Prank caller Actor Trickster Film Maker Talk Show Host Improv YouTuber Periscope (app)
Website http://blackout.com

Michael Biggins (born Michael Bigansky) is an American film actor, writer, director, YouTuber, Periscoper, radio and TV show host who performs under the stage name Blackout in a variety of pranks. He has stated that Blackout is an alter ego trickster persona that he uses that name when performing comedy or philosophical works, and his real name when acting in dramatic or commercial roles.[citation needed]

Early life and Education[edit]

Biggins was born in Queens, New York, and moved to Florida at a young age. He got the nickname Blackout and made his debut as a performer on Piper High School high school radio station WKPX in Sunrise, Florida when he was 13.[citation needed] While on air, lightning struck the transmitter antenna, causing an electrical blackout and as a result he was given the nickname Blackout and it stuck. He eventually made it part of his legal name and trademarked it with a logo.[1] He began original prank calls and creating elaborate stories and characters, including procuring a 1-800 number called the Kookline which was a voice mail box, that could handle 8 multiple callers at the same time. Callers would enter a secret code and would be greeted by Blackout saying, "welcome to my box", which eventually turned into "welcome to Blackout's Box".[2]


Biggins began streaming prank calls in real time with RealAudio 1.0, and then later releasied streaming videos and a live streaming radio show, long before Shoutcast or other social media sharing networks existed. His website Blackout.com was registered on July 25, 1995.[3][4]

Albums / discography[edit]

Biggins has hundreds of prank calls and sketches, most of which have only been released for limited times during his live radio show or on his website.[citation needed] He released three albums for sale of what he considered to be some of his best prank call material:

  • Blackout's Box - The Insanity Volume I [5]
  • Blackout's Box, The Insanity Volume II [6]
  • The Quanicles – The Quan Chronicles – The Greatest Prank Call of All Time[7]

The Quanicles was well received and garnered a huge fan base and positive reviews from prank call fans and popular humor sites around the world including I-mockery.com.[8] Some prank call aficionado sites list The Quanicles as one, if not the, greatest prank-crank call series ever made, or at least have it in their top ten lists of greatest pranks of all time.[2] His manic energy and character switching style in these calls has been compared by several reviewers and magazines to that of radio host Phil Hendrie and actor-comedian Robin Williams.[2]

In 1998, Biggins was profiled in the internationally distributed UK based magazine .NET.[9] and his website held the number 2 humor spot from 2002 to 2015 in Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages.[10] Harley Hahn's review says, "Every time I visit Blackout's Box I end up laughing and laughing out loud. This Web site features crank phone calls made by a wonderful, talented actor. These recordings are, by far, the funniest such calls I have ever heard. If you need a good laugh right now, you know what to do."[citation needed]

Biggins has been involved in numerous pranks that have garnered national attention including when he prank called actor Christian Slater and kept him on the phone for almost an hour.[11] The call received notice from shock jock Howard Stern who said, "this dude who runs an internet radio show broke Christian Slater's balls for 45 minutes...it was hysterical."[12] He was also on Good Morning America live from Times Square promoting the Blue Man Group, but as one of his characters - the complimentary Dinopup.[13]

TV, Film, Theater, Radio[edit]

Biggins' first public radio show on a large station was called "NO CLASS", which aired from 5 to 7 pm Wednesday nights on 88.5 WKPX, broadcast out of Piper High School in Sunrise, Florida.[2]

During and after leaving high school, Biggins worked for and interned at various FM and AM radio stations in South Florida, including The Y-100 (WHYI-FM, 100.7) Morning Zoo, WSHE, and The Paul & Young Ron Show.[citation needed]

In 2007, Biggins worked in the movie Film Contest? in which several filmmakers compete to win a 5 million dollar budget to make the movie of their dreams. Biggins plays the character Milton Butterfly.[14] The film won Best Feature in the 2009 Delray Beach Film Festival.[15]

Biggins has also appeared on stage as the lead 'Trevor' several times in Bedroom Farce, as well as major roles in The Foreigner, Noises Off, Greater Tuna, The Mousetrap, The Wiz, Is there life after high school?.[citation needed] He played skyBOY in "Grandma Sylvia's Funeral",[16] an audience participation comedy that ran at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

In 2008, Biggins relocated to New York City and rebooted his radio show "Blackout's Box LIVE" from a studio in Manhattan, slightly changing the name to "BLACKOUT RADIO" as well as "BLACKOUT LIVE".[1] His show also changed somewhat from a purely comical nature to a slightly spiritual / philosophical slant.[citation needed]

In January 2011, Biggins re-opened his blog, a combination of satirical pop culture absurdest humor mixed in with occultism and new age references.[citation needed]

Blackout/Biggins is currently performing[when?] working on releasing a full-length feature film called "DESTINY ORIGIN"[17] which will be a two part sci-fi philosophical tragicomedy. He was the sole sound mixer on an official Sundance selection short film (AWOL) and was nominated at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.[citation needed]

In April 2011, Biggins also launched Blackout Radio, a 24/7 comedy & awareness or 'silliness & spirituality' radio station in a deal with a company called TuneIn that provides a free app of the same name allowing his talk show to be heard on digital devices.[citation needed]

In May 2015, Biggins began a Periscope (app) broadcast that has included several elaborate live interactive comedy broadcasts relying on viewer participation and input.[citation needed]


Year Title Role
2005 Power Play Host
20 Something Host
2009 Film Contest? Milton Butterfly

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