Michael Biggins

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Michael Biggins
Michael biggins aka blackout 2010.jpg
Born Michael Bigansky
Queens, New York
Other names Blackout
Occupation YouTuber, prank caller, radio show presenter
Website http://blackout.com

Michael Biggins (born Michael Bigansky) is an American prank caller, YouTuber, and radio show presenter who performs under the stage name Blackout in a variety of pranks.

Early life and education[edit]

Biggins was born in Queens, New York, and moved to Florida at a young age. He got the nickname Blackout and made his debut as a performer on Piper High School high school radio station WKPX in Sunrise, Florida when he was 13.[citation needed] While on air, lightning struck the transmitter antenna, causing an electrical blackout and as a result he was given the nickname Blackout and it stuck. He eventually made it part of his legal name and trademarked it with a logo.[citation needed] He began original prank calls and creating elaborate stories and characters, including procuring a 1-800 number which was a voice mail box and eventually became known as "Blackout's Box".[1]


Biggins began streaming prank calls in real time with RealAudio 1.0, and then later released streaming videos and a live streaming radio show.[citation needed]


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