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Michael A. Buonauro (May 27, 1979 – May 28, 2004), born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was an American webcomic artist, and author.

His best known work was "Marvelous Bob", a web-published story based on the conventions of comic book superheroes, but in a distinctively realist, postmodern style. The title character is an individual with the powers of a superhero, but is an antihero in many ways: for instance, unlike most "heroes", he has no scruples about killing when necessary.

Michael was also co-creator of the webcomics "Dr. Lobster", "Gamer Hotties", and "Wrench Farm", all of which were joint projects with his friend Jeff Lofvers.

He committed suicide the day after his 25th birthday.

His parents have established the Michael Buonauro Foundation which has funded the Signs Of Suicide program (SOS). The SOS program was presented to more than 55,000 students in all the high schools in Orange County, Florida. The SOS program seeks to promote suicide awareness and prevention through education.

Marvelous Bob is in production now, and Michael's father and mother are very hopeful that this project will be completed as Michael would have wanted. All profits will go to the Michael Buonauro Foundation which promotes suicide prevention and awareness.


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