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Michael Victor Capobianco (born November 12, 1950) is an American science fiction writer.

He is known for writing novels in collaboration with William Barton. Their novels deal with themes such as the Cold War, space travel, and space opera.

He served as President of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) from 1996–1998 and again from 2007-2008. He received the Service to SFWA Award in 2004.

He was married to the late science fiction author Ann C. Crispin.


  • White Light with William Barton; October 1998. (ISBN 0-380-79516-7) Two families travel to the heart of the universe and find a Tipleresque heaven.
  • Alpha Centauri with William Barton; July 1997. (ISBN 0-380-79282-6) Terrorists plague a colony ship that is mankind’s last hope.
  • Fellow Traveler with William Barton; July 1991. (ISBN 0-553-29115-7) SF novel of U.S./Soviet conflict over space travel.
  • Iris with William Barton; February 1990. (ISBN 0-385-26727-4) SF novel of colonists’ lives on a wandering gas giant.
  • Burster; July 1990. (ISBN 0-553-28543-2) Young man on colony ship sent back to Earth after mysterious radio silence.

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