Michael D. Guiry

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Michael D. Guiry
(29 October 2019)
EducationUniversity College Cork
University of London
Scientific career
InstitutionsNational University of Ireland
Author abbrev. (botany)Guiry

Michael Dominic Richard Guiry (born 1949), is an Irish botanist,[1] who specialises in phycology (algae). See for example the articles.[2][3][4][5] He is the founder and director of the algal database, AlgaeBase.[6]

He is a graduate of both University College Cork and the University of London. In addition to his interest in the taxonomy and the databasing of algae, his algal site promotes the sustainable use of seaweed resources.[6]

Since 2009, he has been an emeritus professor at the Ryan Institute, National University of Ireland, in Galway.[7]

The standard author abbreviation Guiry is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.[8]

Some published names[edit]

(in AlgaeBase, as Guiry, over 300 algal species listed, not all currently accepted)




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