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Michael Clifford (2 March 1822 – 2 December 1898) was a Welsh Congregationalist minister and principal of a theological college, but is best remembered as a founder of the Welsh settlement in Patagonia known as Y Wladfa and as one of the fathers of modern Welsh nationalism.

Jones was born in Llanuwchllyn, Merioneth (Gwynedd) in 1822. After training for the ministry in Carmarthen and London, he emigrated to America and was ordained at Cincinnati. He returned to Wales and followed his father as the principal of Bala Congregational College.

His name is closely linked with the attempt to establish a Welsh settlement in Patagonia, Argentina, in the 1860s where Welsh would be the language of religion, government, trade, and education. The 150th anniversary (July 28, 1865) of this Welsh-Argentine settlement in Rawson, Chubut Argentina is noted here: http://www.festrail.co.uk/content/publish/news/459.shtml

Jones is recognised as the first to advocate a political solution to defending Welsh identity and therefore is seen as one of the most significant forerunners of Welsh nationalism.

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