Michael D. Watkins

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Michael D. Watkins
Michael D. Watkins

Alma materUniversity of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario
Harvard University
OrganizationGenesis Advisers
Notable workThe First 90 Days

Michael D. Watkins is a Canadian-born author of books on leadership and negotiation. He is the Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland.[1][2]

Education and career[edit]

Watkins studied electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo and business and law at the University of Western Ontario.[3] He has a PhD in decision science from Harvard University.[3]

Watkins became an associate professor at Harvard Business School before moving to the International Institute for Management Development.[4][1]


  • Breakthrough International Negotiation: How Great Negotiators Transformed the World's Toughest Post-Cold War Conflicts (with Susan Rosegrant, Jossey-Bass, 2001)[5]
  • Breakthrough Business Negotiation: A Toolbox for Managers (Wiley, 2002)
  • Winning the Influence Game: What Every Business Leader Should Know about Government (with Mickey Edwards and Usha Thakrar, Wiley, 2002)[6]
  • The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter (Harvard Business School Press, 2003; 2nd ed., Harvard Business Review Press, 2013)[7]
  • Right from the Start: Taking Charge in a New Leadership Role (with Dan Ciampa, Harvard Business School Press, 2005)[8]
  • Case Studies in U.S. Trade Negotiation (with Charan Devereaux and Robert Z. Lawrence, Institute for International Economics, 2006)[9]
  • The First 90 Days in Government: Critical Success Strategies for New Public Managers at All Levels (with Peter H. Daly and Cate Reavis, Harvard Business School Press, 2006)[10]
  • Shaping the Game: The New Leader's Guide to Effective Negotiating (Harvard Business School Press, 2006)
  • Predictable Surprises: The Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming, and how to Prevent Them (with Max H. Bazerman, Harvard Business School Press, 2008)[11]
  • Your Next Move: The Leader's Guide to Navigating Major Career Transitions (Harvard Business Press, 2009)
  • Master Your Next Move: Proven Strategies for Navigating the First 90 Days (Harvard Business Press, 2019)


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