Michael Darbyshire

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Michael Darbyshire
Born15 October 1917
Died20 November 1979

Michael Darbyshire (15 October 1917 – 20 November 1979) was an English television actor best remembered for his portrayal of Hubert Davenport, the Victorian ghost in the BBC TV children's comedy series Rentaghost. The series continued after Darbyshire's death.

He also played one of the eccentric inventors in the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968), and appeared in the musical Pickwick (1965) and in the TV adaptation Pickwick for the BBC in 1969.

He was also a member of the Players Theatre Company based in London in Villiers Street, appearing regularly and also on many occasions on the BBC TV series The Good Old Days.

Michael Darbyshire died in 1979, aged 62.

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