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Michael Duffy (born 1957) is an Australian writer and former editor and publisher. He edited The Independent Monthly, a general magazine owned by Max Suich and John B Fairfax, from 1993 to 1996. Then he and his wife Alex Snellgrove set up a publishing company, Duffy & Snellgrove, that published the first books by Peter Robb, John Birmingham and Rosalie Ham. Other authors included Les Murray, Mungo MacCallum and John Olsen.[1] The company stopped publishing new titles in 2005.

Duffy presented ABC Radio National's Counterpoint with Paul Comrie-Thomson and wrote for News Limited publications and then the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun Herald until June 2012.[2]

He has written the true crime books Call Me Cruel and Bad, but is best known for the novels The Tower, The Simple Death and Drive By.[3] The latter was described in the Adelaide Review as: "a brilliant mix of reportage drawn from life observation and the novelist’s dramatic touch, to paint a portrait of crime and its effects – grief, confusion, loss, multiple levels of complicity – amongst Sydney’s contemporary Lebanese community."[4]


  • Man of Honour: John Macarthur: Duellist, Rebel, Founding Father (2003), history
  • Latham and Abbott (2004), current politics
  • The Tower (2009), crime fiction
  • The Simple Death (2011), crime fiction
  • Call Me Cruel: A Story about Murder and the Dangerous Power of Lies (2012), true crime
  • Bad: The True Story of the Perish Brothers and Australia's Biggest Ever Murder Investigation (2012), true crime
  • Drive By (2013), crime fiction
  • Sydney Noir: The golden years co-authored with Nick Hordern, 2017
  • World War Noir: Sydney's unpatriotic war, co-authored with Nick Hordern, 2019


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