Michael E. Briant

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Michael E. Briant
Born Michael Edwin Briant
(1942-02-14) 14 February 1942 (age 75)
Bournemouth, Hampshire, England
Occupation director

Michael E. Briant (born in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England on 14 February 1942) is best known as a British television director, but he is also a producer and actor.

When Michael was 21 he joined the BBC as an assistant floor manager in the drama department and a year later became a Production Assistant.

In 1966 he took a Directors Course and he subsequently directed seasons such as Z-Cars, Doctor Who and Warship. Howards Way

During his time on Doctor Who, he directed six serials, including three fondly-remembered adventures The Sea Devils,[1] The Green Death and his personal favorite The Robots of Death, which was also his last involvement with the show. However, he is most proud of his subsequent direction of the BBC drama season Secret Army for which he directed episodes between 1978 and 1979. He later directed four of the six episodes of its sequel, Kessler and the thriller season Blood Money in which he cast many of the actors from Secret Army, before moving to the Netherlands to direct television there.

In the 1980s he went on to working directing Treasure Island, the Emmy award winning A Tale of Two Cities, the feature film Tangiers, Hideaway and many more drama productions.

He currently lives in Spain where he indulges his passion for sailing. He has recently been involved on DVD releases of his Doctor Who episodes, appearing on various documentaries and commentary tracks.

Brian is, perhaps, the season's most prolific living director.

He has been involved on DVD releases of his Doctor Who episodes, appearing on various documentaries and commentary tracks and has become a successful author. His autobiography Who is Michael Briant? has been published by Classic Press and his French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean, The Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean, Strait Sailing to Gibraltar and Living Aboard Around the World have been published by EdwinEditions and are available as hard copy or Ebooks from www.michaelbriant.com.

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