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Michael Edelstein (born February 20, 1968) began his career in episodic television working CBS Entertainment.[1] There he worked on a number of series on the network’s primetime schedule such as CSI.[2] He then went on to work for NBC Universal

Together with Marc Cherry and Tom Spezialy, Edelstein was one of the original executive producers for Desperate Housewives.[3] The show won two Golden Globes for best comedy series and other nominations.[4]

Edelstein has been executive producer for the thriller series Threat Matrix,[5] and sitcom Hope & Faith,[6] as well as telefilms Haunting Sarah,[7] and Him and Us.[8]

Edelstein worked on the 2009 space drama, Defying Gravity,[1]

During his 7 years at NBC he worked with in-house production labels included Carnival which produced Downton Abbey,[9] and Monkey Kingdom, which produced Made in Chelsea.[10] Also Chocolate Media, a factual/entertainment label,[11] and Lucky Giant, which specialises in comedy, notably Chris Guest’s HBO/BBC television series Family Tree starring Chris O’Dowd.[12]

Edelstein played a key role in identifying Matchbox Pictures, an Australian production company responsible for The Slap.[13] Matchbox was acquired by NBCUniversal International Television Productions in 2013.[14]

Edelstein was also involved in securing an equity stake in Canadian company Lark Productions, the producers responsible for Real Housewives of Vancouver.[15]

On 13 April 2015, NBCUniversal, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and TF1 announced they had entered into an international co-production partnership to produce original US-style TV procedural dramas, including up to three new dramas over two years..[16]

Edelstein was on the board of Working Title which produced drama and comedy programming for both UK and US broadcasters.[17]

Edelstein left NBC Universal in 2017 with the end of his contract.


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