Michael F Smith

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Michael F Smith
OccupationComputer scientist

Michael F Smith (born 1948) is a computer scientist who lives in London.


Smith worked in Dublin and Geneva from 1976 to 1980 developing petroleum information systems for Petroconsultants SA. During that time, he also developed microprocessor based oceanographic instruments at University College Galway and was awarded a DPhil. He was appointed lecturer in computer science at Reading University in 1980 and became head of R&D for ISTEL, the computing company of the Rover Group in 1984.

Smith held several directorial positions in the petroleum industry and management consultancy until 1990 when he was appointed Professor of Health Informatics at Keele University in the departments of Medicine and Computer Science; he also held the position of director of information for North Staffordshire Health Authority. In 1996, he moved to London and held professorial posts at City University, Barts, LSE and UCL and managerial positions at Z/Yen and PwC. He retired from active academic life in 2008.