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Michael Fiegel
OccupationGame designer
Known forNinja Burger

Michael L. Fiegel is an American writer and game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.


Role-playing games[edit]

Fiegel was the columns editor for RPGnet from 2001-2005, as well as a columnist.

In 2001, Fiegel began working with Jerry Grayson of Khepera Publishing on the second edition of that company's GODSEND Agenda (2001), a realistic look at superheroes in the modern world .[1]: 430  Fiegel later co-wrote and co-designed Khepera's HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone (2008) alongside Grayson.[1]: 195  He also wrote later books in the Hellas series.

Fiegel is also the creator of Ninja Burger and the author of the Ninja Burger RPG:2nd Edition (2006) and the Ninja Burger: Honorable Employee Handbook (2006). In 2009 he also wrote and published the modern horror/conspiracy-themed Vox RPG.[2]

He also authored the Baba Yaga: The First Setting in Rassiya electronic RPG supplement for Dog Soul Publishing, which won a 2006 Gold ENnie award for Best Electronic Book and was nominated for Best Writing.[3]

PC games[edit]

Fiegel has worked as a writer for two MMORPGs: Perpetual Entertainment's Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising,[4] and NCsoft's Aion: Assault on Balaurea.[5] He was also the lead writer for the sci-fi-themed interactive fiction game The Away Team.[6]


Outside of the already mentioned Ninja Burger: Honorable Employee Handbook (published by Kensington/Citadel in 2006), Fiegel's first novel titled Blackbird was published on November 14, 2017 by Skyhorse.[7]


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