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Michael Fishel
OccupationGame designer

Michael Fishel (born 1950[citation needed]) is American fantasy visionary artist illustrator.

Early life[edit]

Michael Fishel was born to Fredrick and Lorene Fishel in 1950 in Indianapolis, Indiana.[1]


Fantasy art paintings by Michael Fishel published as poster art and cards by Big O Posters London England in 1976, along with artists Roger Dean, Rodney Matthews, Bob Venosa, and Mati Klarwein.

Fantasy Forest - Dungeons & Dragons 1983 - Fantasy Forest is the name of a series of ten Choose Your Own Adventure ... Written by Michael Carr. Illustrated by Michael Fishel. Cover Art by Jeff Easley ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_Forest - T.S.R. Hobbies Dungeons & Dragons ... Amazon.com: Keep of the Ancient King:Fantasy Forest Book 04 ...Amazon.com: Keep of the Ancient King:Fantasy Forest Book 04 ... (9780880380621): Mike Carr, Illustrated by Michael Fishel Cover Art by Keith Parkinson...published 1983.: Books. www.amazon.com/Keep-Ancient-King-Fantasy.../dp/0880380624 - Cached.

Michael Fishel painted the book cover art for a compilation of great fantasy authors including H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Adams entitled "The Phoniex Tree" printed in 1981 by Avon Books ltd.

A Developmental study of the Alabama Department of Elementary ... - Jan 10example document: Body art jamboree & 43 other titles ..... illustrated by Michael Fishel. Series: A Fantasy Forest book ; ... Michael Fishel Mike Carr (3 documents) example document: Too many chiefs (and not enough indians) w & m Mike ... www.faqs.org/.../a-developmental-study-of-the-alabama-department-of/ - Cached


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