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Michael Foreman (born 21 March 1938) is a British author and illustrator, one of the best-known and most prolific creators of children's books.[1] He won the 1982 and 1989 Kate Greenaway Medals for British children's book illustration and he was a commended runner up five times (a distinction dropped after 2002).[2][a]

For his contribution as a children's illustrator he was U.K. nominee in 1988 and again in 2010 for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest recognition available to creators of children's books.[3][4]


He was born and grew up in Pakefield, near Lowestoft, Suffolk, where his mother kept the village shop.[5][6] His father died a month before he was born.[7] At the age of three, the family home was hit by an enemy bomb, but he survived along with his mother and two older brothers.[8] He studied at Lowestoft School of Art, and later in London at the Royal College of Art,[9] where he won a scholarship to the United States.

He married his first wife, author Jane Charters, in 1959. Their son Mark was born the following year.[10]

He lives in London (2010).[11]

Approach to illustration[edit]

Foreman learned to respond instantly to text as an art student.[12] Having drawn for the newspapers and for the police, drawing female suspects when Identikit only catered for men, he gained valuable drawing experience. A travel scholarship took him all around the world, drawing landscapes, architecture and wildlife. Although many of his books feature luminous watercolours, it is the drawing that he sees as vital: "It's all in the drawing and illustration. It's a question of creating another world, believable in its own right. I think I was very lucky to have started art school so young when they actually taught Art. It was a rigorous training - not just painting and drawing from life - but hours of anatomy and perspective. ... it really taught you to understand what you were looking at."[12] His aim in illustration is to make the worlds created believable, real: "I keep trying to make things more real, not in a literal photographic sense, but in an emotional sense, telling a story by capturing the essence of the situation, giving it some meaning."[12]

Selected works[edit]


  • 1961 Comic Alphabets: Their origin, development, nature (illustrator) Routledge & Kegan Paul (ISBN 978-0-7100-1939-4), by Eric Partridge
  • 1961 The General (illustrator) Routledge & Kegan Paul, by Jane Charters
  • 1962 Poems by Children 1950–61 (illustrator) Routledge & Kegan Paul
  • 1963 The King Who Lived on Jelly (illustrator) Routledge & Kegan Paul
  • 1966 Huit Enfants et un Bebe (illustrator) Abelard-Schuman
  • 1966 Making Music (illustrator) Longman
  • 1966 The Bad Food Guide (illustrator) Routledge & Kegan Paul
  • 1967 I'm for You, and You're for Me (illustrator) Abelard-Schuman
  • 1967 The Perfect Present (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1967 The Two Giants (author/illustrator) Brockhampton Press
  • 1968 Let's Fight! and Other Russian Fables (illustrator) Pantheon (U.S.)
  • 1968 The Great Sleigh Robbery (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1969 Essex Poems, 1963–67 (illustrator) Routledge & Kegan Paul


  • 1970 Adam's Balm (illustrator) Bowmar (U.S.)
  • 1970 Horatio (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1970 The Birthday Unicorn (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1971 James and the Giant Peach (an adaptation) (illustrator) Penguin
  • 1971 Moose (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1971 The Living Arts of Nigeria (illustrator) Studio Vista
  • 1973 Alexander in the Land of Mog (illustrator) Brockhampton Press
  • 1973 Mr Noah and the Second Flood (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1973 The Living Treasures of Japan (illustrator) Wildwood House
  • 1973 The Pushcart War (illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1974 War and Peas (illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1975 Private Zoo (illustrator) Collinsn
  • 1975 Rainbow Rider (illustrator) Collins
  • 1976 Hans Andersen: His Classic Fairy Tales (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1976 Monkey and the Three Wizards (illustrator) Collins
  • 1976 The Stone Book (illustrator) Collins
  • 1977 Granny Reardun (illustrator) Collins
  • 1977 Panda's Puzzle (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1977 Teeny-Tiny and the Witch-Woman (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1977 Tom Fobble's Day (illustrator) Collins
  • 1978 Borrowed Feathers and Other Fables (illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1978 Mickey's Kitchen Contest (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1978 Popular Folk Tales (illustrator) Gollancz, newly translated from Brothers Grimm by Brian Alderson —a Greenaway runner up,[2][a]
  • 1978 The Aimer Gate (illustrator) Collins
  • 1978 The Princess and the Golden Mane (illustrator) Collins,
  • 1978 The Selfish Giant (illustrator) Kaye & Ward
  • 1979 Alan The Three Golden Heads of the Well (illustrator) Collins
  • 1979 How to Catch a Ghost (illustrator) Holt (U.S.)
  • 1979 The Golden Brothers (illustrator) Collins
  • 1979 Winter's Tales (author) Benn


  • 1980 After Many a Summer (illustrator) Folio Society
  • 1980 Alan Garner's Fairytales of Gold (illustrator) Collins
  • 1980 City of Gold and Other Stories from the Old Testament (illustrator) Gollancz, retold by Peter Dickinson, who won the Carnegie Medal[13] —a Greenaway runner up (Highly Commended),[2][a]
  • 1980 The Faithful Bull (illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1980 The Pig Plantagenet (illustrator) Hutchinson
  • 1980 The Tiger Who Lost his Stripes (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1981 Fairy Tales (illustrator) Pavilion, by Terry Jones
  • 1981 Over the Bridge (illustrator) Viking Kestrel
  • 1981 Panda and the Old Lion (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1981 The Nightingale and the Rose (illustrator) Kaye & Ward
  • 1981 Trick a Tracker (author/illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1982 Land of Dreams (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1982 Long Neck and Thunder Foot (illustrator) Viking Kestrel, by Helen Piers —joint winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal for British children's book illustration[14]
  • 1982 Sleeping Beauty and other favourite fairy tales (illustrator) Gollancz, selected and translated from Perrault and Le Prince de Beaumont by Angela Carter —joint winner of the Greenaway Medal[15] and winner of the Kurt Maschler Award for integration of writing and illustration in a British children's book[16]
  • 1982 The Crab That Played with the Sea (illustrator) Macmillan
  • 1982 The Magic Mouse and the Millionaire (illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1983 A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1983 Poems for 7-Year-Olds and Under (illustrator) Viking Kestrel
  • 1983 The Brontosaurus Birthday Cake (illustrator) Methuen
  • 1983 The Saga of Erik the Viking (illustrator) Pavilion, by Terry Jones —a Greenaway runner up[2][a]
  • 1983 Treasure Island (illustrator) Puffin
  • 1984 A Cat and Mouse Love Story (illustrator) Heinemann Quixote
  • 1984 Cat and Canary (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1984 Panda and the Bunyips (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1984 Poems for 9-year-olds (illustrator) Viking Kestrel
  • 1984 Poems for Over 10-year-olds (illustrator) Viking Kestrel
  • 1985 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (illustrator, revised edition) Allen & Unwin, by Roald Dahl
  • 1985 I'll Take You to Mrs Cole (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1985 Nicobobinus (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1985 Poetic Gems (illustrator) Folio Society
  • 1985 Seasons of Splendour: Tales, myths, and legends of India (illustrator) Pavilion, Madhur Jaffrey —a Greenaway runner up,[2][a]
  • 1986 Ben's Box: A Pop-up Fantasy (author/illustrator) Hodder & Stoughton
  • 1986 Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (illustrator) Allen & Unwin
  • 1986 Early in the Morning: A Collection of New Poems (illustrator) Viking
  • 1986 Letters from Hollywood (illustrator) Harrap
  • 1986 Panda and the Bushfire (author/illustrator) Hamish Hamilton
  • 1986 Tales for the Telling (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1987 Ben's Baby (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1987 Brontosaurus Superstar (illustrator) Magnet
  • 1987 du Maurier's Classics of the Macabre (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1987 Fun (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1987 Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willy Wonka (illustrator) Unwin Hyman
  • 1987 The Jungle Book (illustrator) Puffin
  • 1988 Edmond Went Far Away (illustrator) Walker Macmillan
  • 1988 The Angel and the Wild Animal (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1988 The Curse of the Vampire's Socks (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1988 The Magic Ointment (illustrator) Macmillan
  • 1988 The Night Before Christmas (illustrator) Viking
  • 1988 Peter Pan and Wendy (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1988 Worms Wiggle (author/illustrator) Carnival
  • 1989 Land of the Long White Cloud (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1989 Once Upon a Planet (illustrator) Puffin
  • 1989 The Sand Horse (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1989 War Boy: a country childhood (author/illustrator) Pavilion —memoir, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal,[17] —also entitled War Boy: a wartime childhood


  • 1990 Michael Foreman (author/illustrator) Beetles
  • 1990 Michael Foreman's Mother Goose (illustrator) Walker
  • 1990 Michael Foreman's World of Fairy Tales (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1990 One World (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1990 The Brothers Grimm: Popular Folk Tales (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1991 Busy! Busy! Busy! (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1991 Michael Foreman's Nursery Rhymes (illustrator) Walker
  • 1991 The Boy Who Sailed with Columbus (author/illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1991 The Puffin Book of Twentieth-Century Stories (illustrator) Viking
  • 1991 The Puffin Book of Twentieth-Century Verse (illustrator) Viking
  • 1991 The Young Man of Cury and Other Poems (illustrator) Macmillan
  • 1992 Fantastic Stories (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1992 Jack's Fantastic Voyage (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1992 Spider the Horrible Cat (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1992 The Arabian Nights (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1992 The Echoing Green (illustrator) Viking
  • 1992 Wyvern Winter (illustrator) Andersen Prensiess
  • 1993 A Fish of the World (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1993 Funnybunch: A New Puffin Book of Funny Verse (illustrator) Viking
  • 1993 Grandfather's Pencil (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1993 The Beast with a Thousand Teeth (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1993 The Long Weekend (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1993 There's a Bear in the Bath (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1993 War Game (author/illustrator) Pavilion —a Greenaway runner up,[2][a]
  • 1993 Wyvern Spring (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1994 Arthur, High King of Britain (illustrator) Pavilion/The National Trust
  • 1994 Dad! I Can't Sleep (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1994 Sarah and the Sandhorse (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1994 The Fly-by-Night (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1994 The Sea Tiger (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1994 Wyvern Fall (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1994 Wyvern Summer (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1995 After the War was Over (author/illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1995 Peter's Place (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1995 Shakespeare Stories II (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1995 Surprise! Surprise! (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1995 The Little Prince (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1996 A Child's Garden of Verses (illustrator) Gollancz
  • 1996 Peter Pan and Wendy (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1996 Robin of Sherwood (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1996 Seal Surfer (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1996 The Little Reindeer (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1996 The Songs My Paddle Sings (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1996 There's a Bear in the Classroom (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1997 Creation: Stories from Around the World (illustrator) Walker
  • 1997 Farm Boy (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1997 Look! Look! (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1997 The Knight and the Squire (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1997 The Little Ships (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1998 Chicken Licken (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1998 Cockadoodle-doo Mr Sultana! (illustrator) Scholastic
  • 1998 Jack's Big Race (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1998 Joan of Arc (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1999 Kensuke's Kingdom (illustrator) Heinemann
  • 1999 Michael Foreman's Christmas Treasury (author/illustrator) Pavilion
  • 1999 The Little Red Hen (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1999 The Merrymaid of Zennor (illustrator) Orchard
  • 1999 The Rainbow Bear (illustrator) Doubleday
  • 1999 The Shining Princess and Other Japanese Legends (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 1999 The Story of Millennia the Angel (illustrator) Orchard
  • 1999 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (illustrator) Pavilion


  • 2000 Billy the Kid (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 2000 Cat in the Manger (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2000 Memories of Childhood (author/illustrator) Pavilion
  • 2000 Rock-a-doodle-doo! (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2000 The Lady and the Squire (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 2000 Why Bear has a Stumpy Tail (illustrator) Walker
  • 2001 Out of the Ashes (illustrator) Macmillan
  • 2001 Saving Sinbad (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2001 The Wind in the Willows (illustrator) Pavilion
  • 2001 Tom and the Pterosaur (illustrator) Walker
  • 2001 Toro! Toro! (illustrator) Collins
  • 2002 Bedtime Stories (illustrator) Chrysalis
  • 2002 Cool! (illustrator) Collins
  • 2002 Dinosaur Time (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2002 Evie and the Man who Helped God (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2002 Michael Foreman's Playtime Rhymes (author/illustrator) Walker
  • 2002 The Last Wolf (illustrator) Doubleday
  • 2002 The Sleeping Sword (illustrator) Egmont
  • 2002 Wonder Goal (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2003 Bobby, Charlton and the Mountain (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2003 Cat on the Hill (author/illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2003 Hello World (author/illustrator) Walker
  • 2004 Dolphin Boy (illustrator) Andersen Press
  • 2004 Gentle Giant (illustrator) Collins
  • 2004 Sir Gawain & the green knight (illustrator) Walker
  • 2004 Alice's adventures in Wonderland (illustrator) Sterling
  • 2004 One world (author/illustrator) Anderson Press
  • 2004 Christmas crimes (illustrator) Folio Society
  • 2005 Classic fairy tales (illustrator) Sterling
  • 2005 The amazing story of Adolphus Tips (illustrator) Harper Collins
  • 2005 Can't Catch Me!, author/illustrator, Andersen Press
  • 2006 Beowulf, illustrator, Candlewick
  • 2006 Fox Tale, author/illustrator, Andersen Press
  • 2006 Mia's Story, author/illustrator, Walker
  • 2006 Norman's Ark, author/illustrator, Andersen Press
  • 2007 Michael Foreman's Classic Fairy Tales, adapter/illustrator, Pavilion
  • 2007 Say Hello, illustrator, Walker
  • 2007 Soggy the Bear, illustrator, Mabecron Books
  • 2007 Soggy to the Rescue, illustrator, Mabecron Books
  • 2007 Team Trouble, illustrator, Andersen Press
  • 2007 The Mozart Question, illustrator, Walker
  • 2007 White Owl, Barn Owl, illustrator, Candlewick
  • 2008 Kaspar, illustrator, HarperCollins
  • 2008 Soggy and the Mermaid, illustrator, Mabecron Books
  • 2008 The Lion Who Ate Everything, illustrator, Walker
  • 2008 The Little Dinosaur, author/illustrator, Walker
  • 2009 A Child's Garden: A Story of Hope, author/illustrator, Walker
  • 2009 Pirates Ahoy!, illustrator, Andersen Press
  • 2009 The Littlest Dinosaur's Big Adventure, author/illustrator, Walker
  • 2010 Why the Animals Came to Town, author/illustrator, Walker
  • 2015 The Tortoise and the Soldier, author/illustrator, Henry Holt

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