Michael Fredman

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Michael Lawrence Fredman
Nationality U.S.
Scientific career
Fields Computer Science
Institutions Rutgers University
Thesis Growth Properties of a Class of Recursively Defined Functions (1972)
Doctoral advisor Donald Knuth
Doctoral students Michael Fellows
Bing Xiao
Haripriyan Hampapuram
John Iacono
Amr Elmasry

Michael Lawrence Fredman is a professor at the Computer Science Department at Rutgers University, United States. He earned his Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in 1972 under the supervision of Donald Knuth.[1] He was a member of the mathematics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1974 to 1976.[2] and of the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of California, San Diego until 1992.[3] Among his contributions to computer science are the development of the Fibonacci heap in a joint work with Robert Tarjan, the transdichotomous model of integer computing with Dan Willard, and the proof of a lower bound showing that Θ(n log n) is the optimal time for solving Klee's measure problem in a joint work with Bruce Weide.