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Michael Rodney Freedland (born 18 December 1934)[1] is a British biographer, journalist and broadcaster.

Beginning as a journalist on local papers in 1951, he was on the staff of the Daily Sketch for a year before turning freelance in 1961.[1] His broadcasting career began in the following year, and he has written for The Sunday Telegraph, The Spectator, The Guardian, The Observer and The Economist.[1]

As a biographer, he has specialised in Hollywood and its entertainers, plus some prominent British subjects. His book on Al Jolson, originally published in 1971, reached its eighth edition in 2007.[2] Freedland has written forty books, mainly biographies. He has written and presented programmes for Radio 2 in the UK on his subjects, including Elvis Presley,[3] Bob Hope[4] and Judy Garland.[5] Asked about what to include in an individual's life history, the immediate concern was the Garland book, he said in 2010: "I am a great believer in telling it as it was. I am very certain of the need for warts and all. How else can you tell a full rounded story?"[6]

Freedland's books have included more general histories. Witch Hunt in Hollywood: McCarthyism's War On Tinseltown is an account of the activities of Senator Joseph McCarthy and (the not directly connected) House Un-American Activities Committee. In Freedland's view: "For Communist read Jew. The hearings ... were as much (some would say more) antisemitic as anti-Communist. Hollywood was chosen for the attack because of the great publicity value the movie capital offered. It was also a great opportunity to get at the Jews of Hollywood."[7][8]

Freedland is Jewish.[9] His radio show, You Don't Have To Be Jewish, began in 1971,[10] and was gradually extended in length. Initially broadcast by BBC Radio London, later LBC, it ran for 24 years.[11] He was married for 52 years[12] to Sara Hocherman,[13] who died in 2012.[14] One of the couple's daughters, Fiona, was a solicitor specialising in medical negligence claims[15] Their middle child, daughter Dani, is a successful charity fundraiser. while their son is the journalist and thriller writer Jonathan Freedland.[16] Like his son, Michael Freedland is a regular contributor to The Jewish Chronicle. His Confessions of a Serial Biographer, an autobiography, appeared in 2005.[1]


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