Michael Gallagher (Isis guitarist)

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Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher, B&W, Guitar — Isis @ Wagenhallen, Stuttgart, 2009-07-09.jpg
Background information
Born Massachusetts, United States[1]
Genres Post-metal, experimental, post-rock, progressive metal, sludge metal, avant-garde doom
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1994 – present
Labels Hydra Head Records, Ipecac Recordings
Associated acts Isis
Cast Iron Hike

Michael Gallagher is an American guitarist, best known for his work with post-metal band Isis. He joined them in 1999 for their debut LP Celestial, having previously been a member of Cast Iron Hike.[2] He has an ambient project known as MGR (Mustard Gas & Roses); under this moniker he has released two albums and scored one film.[3][4]

He plays a '78 Les Paul Custom, which he bought on eBay,[5] through a Fryette Sig:x Amplifier. While playing in Isis he normally tuned his guitar down to Dropped B (B-F#-B-E-G#-B), like his bandmate Aaron Turner.

He hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[citation needed]


With Cast Iron Hike[edit]

With Isis[edit]

Main article: Isis discography

As MGR[edit]


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