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Michael Gartenberg
Known for technology journalist and blogger
Website Michael Gartenberg Blog

Michael Gartenberg is a technology journalist, analyst and blogger. He is a former[1] Apple Inc. employee,[2] and was previously a Research Director at Gartner,[3] focussed on the world of the interconnected consumer.

Gartenberg now writes as Analyst-in-Residence for imore.com.[4]


After a 10-year absence, Gartenberg re-joined Gartner in 2010.[5] He previously worked as a partner at Altimeter Group,[6] as Vice President of Strategy and Analysis at Interpret, LLC,[7] and as a vice president at Jupiter Research.

Gartenberg had an aborted employment with Microsoft.[8] He was hired in February 2007 with the job title "Enthusiast Evangelist" to publicize Windows Vista [8][9][10] but left after three weeks in March 2007, returning to his former job at Jupiter Research.[11]

Gartenberg also contributes to many media outlets. He has monthly online columns in Computerworld[12] and Macworld and a weekly online column on Engadget. He previously wrote a weekly column for SlashGear.[13]

In October 2007, regarding a potential Microsoft Windows competitor, Linux, he wrote "Linux still doesn't make it on desktop.... For now and the foreseeable future, it's going to remain a Microsoft world. Linux still isn't the answer."[14] Gartenberg repeated the claim in an opinion piece published in March 2010, wherein he denied that use of a free operating system significantly reduces cost of computer ownership.[15]

In July 2009, Google announced the development of an operating system for netbooks, Chrome OS, due for release in late 2010. Gartenberg opined "Chrome OS is not a threat to Windows.... By creating of lot of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt this morning... they hope to take the attention and luster off of [Microsoft] Windows 7"[16] and "... history doesn't run in favour of Chrome OS's principles".[17]


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