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Michael Gerber (born June 14, 1969) is best known as the author of the Barry Trotter series, Sunday Times best-selling parodies of the Harry Potter books.[1] Before becoming a novelist, Gerber contributed humor to The Yale Record,[2] The New Yorker,[3]The Atlantic,[4] The New York Times,[5] The Wall Street Journal, Slate, NPR and Saturday Night Live, among many other venues. He is an alumnus of Yale and Oak Park River Forest High School.[6]

While an undergraduate, Gerber restarted The Yale Record, America's oldest humor magazine.[7] Gerber served as President of The Record's alumni organization from 1994 to 2014, developing an editorial and publishing model for the magazine. As a result, he is frequently contacted by student editors from all around the world, and has most recently worked with students at DePaul University, Ohio State University, Cambridge University, and UCLA.



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