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Michael Gettel (birthdate and age not on record) is a Seattle, Washington-based composer of new-age music. Many of Gettel's pieces consist of piano with ensemble such as drums, flute, acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, etcetera. However, he does have several solo piano compositions, some of which consist of soft nature sounds in the background. Michael was greatly inspired to write music by his family and friends, and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Michael Gettel is no longer writing music or touring, however. He now makes a living as a music teacher at a high school in Seattle, Washington.[1]

Michael Gettel is listed as a Middle School Music Teacher at The Bush School. [2]


  • 1988: San Juan Suite
  • 1990: Return
  • 1992: Intricate Balance
  • 1992: Places In Time
  • 1993: The Key
  • 1993: Skywatching
  • 1995: The Art Of Nature: Reflections On The Grand Design
  • 1996: San Juan Suite II: Piano Passages
  • 1997: Winter (Collection with several unreleased tracks)
  • 1998: Change My Heart Oh, God (Piano Covers)
  • 1999: The Journey North
  • 2001: One Piano (With Elizabeth Naccarato)