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Michael Gingold
Occupation Journalist, screenwriter, film actor

Michael Gingold is an American journalist, screenwriter and the former editor-in-chief of Fangoria magazine. He joined Fangoria In 1990 as the managing editor and became the editor in chief in October 2015.[1] On May 24th 2016 he announced via Facebook that he was no longer working for Fangoria. A month later, he was hired by Rue Morgue Magazine as their "east coast editor" and blogger.

Outside of Fangoria his other writing credits include reviews for The Motion Picture Guide, The Blockbuster Video Guide, and Movies on TV and Videocassette. For nine years, he wrote and self-published the horror review fanzine Scareaphanalia

Gingold is also a screenwriter. His credits include the horror films Leeches, Halloween Night, Shadow: Dead Riot and Ring of Darkness. He also has bit parts as an actor in films such as The Suckling, The Blood Shed, A Return to Salem's Lot, Troma's War, The Toxic Avenger Parts II and III, and Sweatshop.[2]


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