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Michael Guglielmucci (born 1978) is an Australian former Christian pastor and Christian Rock songwriter. He was the bass player of the band. His co-compositions appeared in Hillsong Live album "This Is Our God", and he was the sole songwriter of the hit song "Healer".

The Guglielmucci family were originally members of Paradise AOG (now known as Influencers Church). In his late teens, Michael played in the Youth Alive Australia band in South Australia, and later formed the band "Foreyon" in 1998 with his brother, Kris. Foreyon released a 9-track EP "Cold",[1] recorded at Best FX / SSCC under the label Pig Records, mastered at Hippo Audio. The band toured around both public and private schools performing their music and preaching to thousands of students across Adelaide.


In September 2006 after a hospital visit for a minor accident, Guglielmucci announced that he was dying of cancer.[2] He was reportedly suffering from symptoms including severe pain, difficulty breathing, vomiting and hair loss.[3] It was at this point that he composed the single "Healer", allegedly based on his struggle with cancer. The album "This Is Our God" on which the song appeared, went on to chart on the ARIA charts, peaking at #2. Guglielmucci performed the song regularly at concerts over a 2-year period, often with no hair and an oxygen tube attached to his nose.

In August 2008, Guglielmucci's father Danny, founder of Edge Church in Adelaide, publicly announced that his son had fabricated the cancer story, which his son created as a diversion from a battle with a 16-year pornography addiction.[4][5] Guglielmucci appeared on the current affair show Today Tonight, where he gave a full confession and explained the events surrounding the fabrication.[6]

Guglielmucci was immediately stripped of his credentials by the Australian Christian Church. The church's lawyers contacted police, and audited Guglielmucci's bank accounts to ensure all proceeds of the song "Healer" could be either returned or donated to charity.[7] Guglielmucci himself pledged to ensure the funds would be returned to purchasers.[8] Guglielmucci's father reported that he was to receive psychiatric assessment.[9]

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