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Michael "Miguel" Happoldt is an American musician who co-founded the Skunk Records record label and worked extensively with the US rock/reggae groups Sublime and Long Beach Dub Allstars. After LBDA's split in 2002, he played in the supergroup Volcano under the pseudonym "Mike Stand," with ex-Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh.[1][2] Happoldt is currently playing guitar and singing in the band Perro Bravo with Mudd Lowther on drums and Mike Long on bass.

Miguel joined Sublime after meeting Bradley Nowell through his associations with The Ziggens, after offering to use his free recording time (gained through his college course in sound engineering) to record the band. Originally joining as guitarist, the band made the decision to switch him to the position of producer and manager a short while later.[3]

During his stint with the Long Beach Dub Allstars Miguel played guitar, and produced both of the band's studio albums. Other artists that Miguel has produced tracks for include Lucky Boys Confusion, Unwritten Law, Slightly Stoopid, and Long Beach Shortbus.[4][5]

Following Bradley Nowell's 1996 death, Miguel cared for Nowell's Dalmatian, Lou Dog. Lou Dog died on September 17, 2001.[6]


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