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Michael William Hart (born 1956) has been Fellow in Politics at Exeter College, Oxford[1] since 1982.

His research interests include British Politics since 1880 and Modern Southern Africa. He lectures on British Politics and Government since 1900.

He took his first degree at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, winning a double First, and came to University of Oxford to research his doctorate on the decline of the British Liberal Party. He spent some time at Magdalene College, Cambridge as a Junior Research Fellow before taking up his current Fellowship. Besides academic positions, he has also served as a Junior Proctor in the University of Oxford and as sub-Rector at Exeter.

Hart has been quoted on numerous occasions by The Times and The Telegraph during general election periods, campaigned against apartheid in South Africa and has been a Liberal Party Councillor on Oxford City Council. Philosophically, he is a liberal, but combines this with a belief in the need for a strong state.


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