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Professor Michael A. Hennell (born 9 September 1940) is a British computer scientist who has made leading contributions in the field of software testing.[1][2]

Michael Hennell is Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool in England.

As part of his leading role in software testing, Hennell is a member of the editorial board of the journal Software Testing, Verification and Reliability (STVR), a major international journal in the field of software testing.[3]

Hennell's academic research was initially conducted in Nuclear physics, resulting in the use of Computational science for addressing complex nuclear mathematics.[4] Assessing the quality of the mathematical libraries on which this work depended lead Professor Hennell into the world of Software testing,[5][6][7] specifically in the use of Static code analysis for quantifying the effectiveness of test data,[8] which led to the development of the Linear Code Sequence and Jump concept.

In 1975 Professor Hennell founded Liverpool Data Research Associates Ltd. (LDRA) to commercialize the software test-bed designed to analyse numerical software.


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